I found this here , and it filled in some blanks for me. Fritz Springmeier, "political prisoner"? Click to expand He has appeared at least once on this blog " Al Gore and the Suitcase of Blood " , several times on Swallowing the Camel, and quite a few times on blogs dealing with "Satanic panic". He says he attended West Point, but did not. He professes to be a very religious man, and once ran a sort of Christian lay ministry he is not an ordained minister, and does not have any theological training.

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Torell Articles like these are not fun to publish. It brings grief to the body of Christ and it tends to give credit to the Devil who does not need any more publicity.

But when a Christian is a public speaker and writer and is not living according to the Bible and teaches false doctrine, the New Testament tells us to speak out and warn the Church about such a person. Not only is Fritz speaking in meetings and writing books and articles, but he is also a "self-proclaimed de-programmer" trying to help some of the most emotionally damaged people on earth.

He does not claim to have any background in pastoral counseling, he does not claim any education from the secular world in human behavior and mental illness, he has just plowed in to do a work which very few people with a sound mind want to enter unless there has been much prayer, fasting and reading of the Bible.

Some of the most active nations in these ugly, painful and deadly programs have been the Soviet Union and Germany, from around until , when the German programs were absorbed by the United States, France, England, Japan, China, North Korea, North Vietnam, and Israel. There have been and still are a number of small nations who are dabbling in mind control, particularly in South America, a number of African nations as well as a number of Muslim countries.

The United States has come to the forefront in mind control, since it took over the German programs as well as the Japanese programs after World War II.

The reader must now understand that when we begin to research this "nether world" of darkness, it is run by ruthless intelligence agents who do not abide within the limits of law. Instead, they make their own laws as they go, and as I have written in previous articles, all intelligence services for the last 50 years or so, are controlled and operated by the World Government.

Pray that President Bush will be able to take back the control over all American intelligence branches. Very few Christian pastors have any knowledge of these programs, and if a church stumbles onto a victim who tries to tell them what has happened to them, the pastor and his staff will most likely not believe him, but refer the person to the nearest mental institution. The world in which the intelligence services operate is a world of violence, betrayal, lies and death.

It is a world run by people with criminal minds. In order to protect itself, the intelligence service will operate counter intelligence, and place agents in Christian circles to trap any victim or agent who is trying to escape this diabolic world of darkness. And they do it "in the name of Jesus. For a so-called "Christian Counselor" to take advantage of women coming out and become sexually involved with victims is unacceptable and against everything that the Bible teaches.

The information coming out concerning Fritz Springmeier indicates that he is either caught up in sinful activities, or he is a counter intelligence agent working to catch victims coming out, and then either discourage them to the degree that they lose hope and return to their handlers, or they commit suicide. Fritz has also left his second wife and has been working and living with a victim called "Cisco.

Romans Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. Jesus also spoke that we are to inspect the fruit of each other, and that we are to judge by the fruit if the tree is good or bad.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Fritz, age 45, has emerged in Christian circles as an expert on the Illuminati and Satanic mind control. Later in this article I will include a write-up on Mr. Springmeier that will examine where he is from in detail, what he has done and the different names he has used.

For a number of years I have felt that there is something wrong with this man, but since I did not have the documentation and knowledge of his operation, all I could do was to pray and wait for the Lord to open a door for more information.

My personal encounter with Fritz goes back to around , when someone put Fritz on The Dove mailing list and he responded by sending me material. I was given his home telephone number and we talked a number of times. On November 7, he wrote a blistering two page letter to me, in which he said: "John, I have a serious bone to pick with you. There is no use in sugar coating the fact that you have greatly offended me.

I am offended because I had the expectation that you knew how to act like a Christian, and next, that you knew something about what is going on. It turns out that the expression a little knowledge is dangerous has proven correct again.

Apparently, you have little knowledge and are extremely dangerous to the Christian side of things Todd had been introduced to Pastor Rasmussen in by Jack Chick publisher of the Chick tracts and after having interviewed Todd, took him in as a member in the church and gave him recommendations to speak in other churches.

A year later evidence was presented to this pastor that Todd was not only preaching and teaching in churches, but he was still into witchcraft, teaching and recruiting new members for the witch covens.

When I read his letter I did not become angry or offended, instead I felt sorry for Fritz that he was unwilling to look at the truth and accept it, particularly since the information on Johnny Todd was very well documented, not just from one source, but from several sources.

The most credible story was that of Pastor Rasmussen, who had gone out of his way to help Todd and was then betrayed. Together with his deacons, Johnny Todd was confronted in person and audio tapes teaching witchcraft, which had been recorded by Todd himself, were played in this meeting. But Fritz would have nothing of this. To him it was part of a conspiracy to destroy Todd. NOTE: I can really understand the frustration that Pastor Rasmussen must have gone through, with not only Fritz attacking him, but also Jack Chick, publisher of Chick Tracts, refusing to believe the facts as they were laid out.

The same thing happened to me, after Carl Sanders was exposed as a fraud, and three of us pastors met in Walnut Creek, California on January 3, , to try to bring Carl Sanders to repentance. Carl Sanders had requested the meeting, and he came with his wife, his music director and his wife.

The entire meeting was recorded on audio cassettes and the meeting ended with Carl refusing to repent, and the meeting ended on a very ugly note. When I brought out a complete expose on Carl Sanders in The Dove magazine, a number of people felt that it was not true and that it was written as a personal vendetta against Carl. Some folks supporting Carl contacted me, and we supplied them with documents, including copies of the audio cassettes where Carl, himself, could be heard making some awful statements.

But some people still refuse to accept the truth, even when they hear it and see it in print. In the Newsletter March-April, Vol. To summarize they are: 1.

Learning to unwarp whatever we learn to get back to what is the kernel of truth in a statement. Learning difference between general and specific truths. Learning how probability and statistics can be used and misused. Learning how truth is a balance of opposites. Learning that there are different levels to understanding anything. This is tricky double talk, which is normal in intelligence services, by politicians and from people in the occult.

Fritz is telling his reader that whatever they know up to this point, they have to discard and then using his material find the "real truth. And while a person is trying to find out truth, there are different levels of understanding, which means that what I believe today might not be what I will believe tomorrow when I reach a different level of understanding. This flies right in the face of what Jesus taught us and recorded in the Bible: Matthew But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

One of the organizers was Doug Millar a self appointed crusader against ritual child abuse, who lives in his car and travels from state to state. The topics were on Satanism, witchcraft, Satanic ritual child abuse, and mind control. Another speaker to be featured was Fritz Springmeier. Fritz came down from Oregon with a group, including two women, whom he claimed had come out of project Monarch and were in the process of being de-programmed by Fritz.

At this time I spent some time with Fritz and he seemed to have overcome his anger against me for speaking out against Johnny Todd. I tried to ask him to document the information that he was presenting, but he had a hard time telling me exactly where he had learned this and that. I asked him to send me material in the mail, but nothing ever come of this. I spent more time with Kurt Billings who told me all about his life and released a river of information about the occult world.

When I tried to talk to the women that Fritz had with him, they had very little to say and seemed afraid. I listened to the teaching that Fritz had, and I was bothered with his material.

There was so much detailed information on how things were done in the mind control programs, that I felt it was almost like he was teaching us how to do it. The seminar was not very well organized and it ended up in a big argument among the speakers and organizers as to who was going to finish the last session.

I told the organizers that I did not want to be part of this argumentation and my team and I left the seminar. After this my contact with Fritz ended.

They all had one thing in common, they were very afraid of Fritz and told me that under no circumstances could I use their names as a source. Some of them feared that they would be killed if Fritz found out that they were talking with me. I told them that I would not do any write up on Fritz unless I had bonafide documentation that what was said was true. I was told that Fritz had abandoned his wife, that he had been married before, that he had been in Federal prison and that his real name was not Fritz Springmeier.

My standard answer was, "Send me solid documentation and cross references. Then during year I received more phone calls from a number of people and they all said the same thing. I was also sent photo copies of court documents, false identifications used by Fritz, and a number of other documents that verified that Fritz was not the person he had projected to the world. It is obvious to me, that the information released about Fritz is substantiated.

I also have in my possession an affidavit written by Fritz, in which he refutes all the accusations against him and slanders all persons speaking out against him.

Instead of coming out with facts only, he uses character assassination against each person speaking out against him, so that it does not matter what they present, with the reputation taken away, no one will listen to the facts they are presenting. It is the same tactic used by prosecutors and defense lawyers — destroy the credibility of the witness, and then it does not matter what they say, no one is going to believe the witness.

The people who have spoken to me and written to me are people who have known Fritz personally, some a long time others a shorter time. Some have been deeply involved with Fritz for years, and then because of things done wrong, they had no other choice than to leave. Thus all I can tell you is that a group of people who for the last ten years have been around Fritz, seeing what went on behind the scenes, they could not maintain their integrity with God and at the same time support Fritz Springmeier.

I am now going to insert a written document at this point in this article, which was not written by me John S. It is a compilation done by a person, who has first hand knowledge of Fritz and also who knows personally all the people involved in the ministry of Fritz. The write up will give the reader ample information to understand, that there is a problem in the ministry of Fritz Springmeier. He has been on numerous radio shows and spoken at several conferences. Although Mr. Springmeier has disseminated a plethora of intriguing information, a veil of mystery surrounds this renowned researcher.

Born in Garden City, Kansas on Sept.





Who is Fritz Springmeier?


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