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Leigh : Beautiful. Tierney : Beautiful. All those characters, and I do mean all of them, are explicitely described as being gorgeous. Is anyone remotely normal around here?

The Sunshine thing. Oh my God. I swear, when he started thinking it, I just about lost it. It loses all its charm! Come on, the girl has a name! What year-old dude calls his not-even girlfriend "Sunshine" even in his mind? Like, "Sunshine grabs a glass of water. Sunshine sits on the couch. I hate this so much. So fucking much. When the author suddenly uses a random teacher in a random class to, like, show how it can help the conflict between the couple.

Like in Anna and The French Kiss. It perfectly suits the situation, and the MC is like, "why did I not think about that before? So the whole thing about Natsya not talking was a real surprise to me, which I guess was the point. I actually went back and checked to make sure that she genuinely never talked. Same situation, you say?

No, not really. And the not-talking was just badly depicted, because being with someone who refuses to talk is just so genuinely awkward and here it never really is. Somehow, I felt like it was glamorized or something. And she dresses like a slut?

And she glares at everyone? And possibly your son as well? Which one of my boys are you dating? By the way, that happens. I mean really. Also at some point Natsya hurts her hand really badly by mishandling a hammer, and she remains perfectly silent. I mean, had she been in the "I never ever talk" situation, then okay. She accidentally hurts her left hand twice. You say nit-picking, I call bullshit. What are the odds?

And she also gets attacked twice. And besides : Josh and Natsya are both loaded. Loaded as in, millions. Besides neither of them plans to go to college, so really.

You could totally see the purpose of a scene. And then, Natsya takes off her shirt to stop the bleeding, and he gets a boner, blablah. Do you get it? And you understand pretty quickly that everything that happens in this book is organized so that the characters end up doing what the author wants them to do.

Like Margot who works night shifts. Do you know why? So she can be out of the fucking book most of the time! He can give her a ride! How convenient. See what I mean? Every scene was like that. The only other guys who offer an alternative are gay Clay Whitaker and love interest Josh. About the ending : it bothered me like hell that Aidan the guy who attacked her was given an excuse. I would have liked it better if the motives behind the actions had been left unsaid.

But in the book, there were way too many reasons. She actually writes a letter to the fucking court to tell them that everyone deserves a second chance. That sounds suspiciously like victim blaming bullshit to me. First off, I think the author took too much time to finally spill it.

Because, err.. Is that it? Why did she dress like a slut again? As an "undead whore"? So she was randomly beaten by a stranger who called her a Russian whore. Three years later, she dresses like a Russian whore. Excuse me, what? Am I supposed to feel for her?

And how is dressing like a total slut protecting you from unwanted attention? I genuinely had a hard time relating to Natsya. I know she suffered and stuff but most of the time it came off as shallow to me. Who ever thought that this was a good idea?

Margot is the worst parental supervision you could ever imagine. Shittiest parents ever, I swear. Why did the adults go with it?

Okay, so let me get something straight. And there is NO high school, NONE, that would make her part of the popular crowd immediately after her arrival nor after, for that matter.

No way. And she goes running every night. Come on, no girls in their right minds would do that. I know, she wants to self destruct or whatever, but You know, the guy who basically tried to RAPE her at a party? So he faced no consequence whatsoever for his actions? She said he kicked her really hard, and several times between the legs with an indescribable violence.

Violent enough to send her in the hospital for several months. He basically destroyed her intern reproductive system. So I suspect heavy blood loss, and surgery, obviously. Horrible stuff really. But then, she sleeps with Josh. But really. Can her hymen still be intact after all that? After the violence, the blood loss, the surgery? Seems very unlikely to me. It felt like it was just a way to show how pure she was and how she offered herself to Josh.

The whole thing was just so problematic. The "garage thing". You know. That was cool, maybe a bit underdeveloped. It was cheesy but I liked the idea of it. Go and see by yourself.


Nyugalom tengere






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