She works on avant-garde, experimental and documentary film and video. Born in France in his life was turbulent to say the least. Very little of his theatre work was ever produced in his lifetime but ideas continue to be influential. He was an outcast and was institutionalised after suffering with psychiatric problems for most of his life. He died in leaving a huge array of texts and artefacts that have been a major influence on western thought. PC: What part of his work have you been particularly interested in?

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Artaud was diagnosed with meningitis at age five, a disease which had no cure at the time. He was discharged due to addiction to laudanum and mental instability. Intonation is found within oneself and pushed out with the burning power of feeling, not achieved through imitation". He wrote a number of film scenarios, and ten are listed in his Complete Works. Directed by Germaine Dulac , it is often considered the first surrealist film. Although he did not fully understand the intentions and ideas behind traditional Balinese performance, it influenced many of his ideas for theatre.

Extreme fluctuations in pace, pitch, and tone heighten sensory awareness intensify The content of this work closely resembles the poems of his later days, concerned primarily with the supernatural. Artaud also recorded his horrific withdrawal from heroin upon entering the land of the Tarahumaras. Having deserted his last supply of the drug at a mountainside, he literally had to be hoisted onto his horse and soon resembled, in his words, "a giant, inflamed gum".

Ireland and Repatriation to France[ edit ] In , Artaud returned to France, where he obtained a walking stick of knotted wood that he believed belonged not only to St. Patrick , but also Lucifer and Jesus Christ. Artaud traveled to Ireland, landing at Cobh and travelling to Galway in an effort to return the staff. However, speaking very little English and no Irish whatsoever, he was unable to make himself understood. He would not have been admitted at Cobh, according to Irish government documents, except that he carried a letter of introduction from the Paris embassy.

Most of his trip was spent in a hotel room he was unable to pay for. He was forcibly removed from the grounds of Milltown House, a Jesuit community, when he refused to leave.

Before deportation he was briefly confined in the notorious Mountjoy Prison. According to Irish Government papers he was deported as "a destitute and undesirable alien".

He was arrested and put in a straitjacket. It was at this time that his best known work The Theatre and Its Double was published.

This book contained the two manifestos of the Theatre of Cruelty. There, "he proposed a theatre that was in effect a return to magic and ritual and he sought to create a new theatrical language of totem and gesture — a language of space devoid of dialogue that would appeal to all the senses. While remaining true to his Theatre of Cruelty and reducing powerful emotions and expressions into audible sounds, Artaud had utilized various, somewhat alarming cries, screams, grunts, onomatopoeia and glossolalia.

As a result, Fernand Pouey, the director of dramatic and literary broadcasts for French radio, assembled a panel to consider the broadcast of Pour en Finir avec le Jugement de dieu. Final years[ edit ] In January , Artaud was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. According to the philosopher, as theatrical writer and actor, Artaud is the embodiment of both an aggressive and repairing gesture, which strikes, sounds out, is harsh in a dramatic way and with critical determination as well. Identifying life as art, he was critically focused on the western cultural social drama, to point out and deny the double-dealing on which the western theatrical tradition is based; he worked with the whirlpool of feelings and lunatic expressions, being subjugated to a counter-force which came from the act of gesture.

Filmmaker E. Elias Merhige , during an interview by writer Scott Nicolay , cited the writings of Artaud as a key influence for the experimental film Begotten.


Antonin Artaud en la Sierra Tarahumara



les tarahumaras de antonin artaud, Edition originale


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