Write a review Bennion on Statutory Interpretation. Interpretative Presumptions Based on the Nature of Legislation 6. You are here Home. Bennion on Statutory Interpretation is the leading work on the interpretation of legislation and essential reading for all those who practise law, whether drafting legislation, administering it, advising on it or arguing it in court. Bennion: Statutory Interpretation 6ed Critical issues such as how to assess legislative intent are examined.

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This supplement is essential reading for everyone who has to administer or advise, argue or adjudicate on Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments. It is undoubtedly widely used by practitioners and academics throughout the common law world. A significant factor in the success of Bennion has not only been its depth and breadth.

It has also been the currency of the work. A key plank in ensuring that currency is the production of supplements. Since the Second Edition of Bennion, a First Supplement has been produced, on average, every two years from the publication of the relevant edition. It is necessary to maintain this average by publishing the First Supplement to the Fifth edition of Bennion in This will ground the ongoing appeal of Bennion, especially for the busy practitioner.

The content of the First Supplement will resemble that of its counterparts for earlier editions. It is anticipated that the ground so covered by the First Supplement will be substantial.

English courts are performing statutory interpretation, including by reference to Bennion, on a daily basis. It is inevitable that there will be a large body of case law to consider since the publication of the Fifth edition, which stated the law as at 31 March Parliament and its delegates have been at least equally prolific in making and amending legislative instruments and this will also need to be scrutinised.

There are some readily apparent examples of judicial and legislative developments since the Fifth edition. On the legislative front, the Companies Act UK has progressively come into force since and cases concerning its meaning are arising.

There may need to be cross-referencing for any provisions of company law referred to in the Fifth edition and now superseded, as well as discussion of the resulting cases.


Bennion on Statutory Interpretation, 7th Edition and Supplement Set



Bennion on Statutory Interpretation Seventh edition Supplement



Bennion on statutory interpretation


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