Search The Blood of Kerensky trilogy is one of the most exciting book sequences to happen to BattleTech. As always, Michael Stackpole has produced a tremendous tour de force that successfully serves a dual purpose in the BattleTech universe. First, this trilogy serves as an introduction to the "new" universe of the era. Characters from previous books are now much older, and the focus has primarily shifted to their children. The first few chapters of Lethal Heritage are meant more to familiarize the reader with the changes and introduce the characters than to actually advance the story.

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Stackpole is finally available in eBook formats thanks to Catalyst Game Labs! Lethal Heritage: Blood of Kerensky 1 From beyond the periphery comes a threat. A military force of unknown origin. Nothing we have can stop them. Their power, speed and ferocity are unparalleled.

Some of the finest warriors and ablest units have challenged them and failed. No force from the Inner Sphere has faced them and won. The Clans! An alien juggernaut whose sole reason for being is battle.

A race that selectively breeds itself for combat. The Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine, interstellar empires at war for years, must now stand side-by-side or face certain destruction.

The Clan invaders have chosen their next objective — Luthien, capital of the Draconis Combine. House Kurita must now fight for survival on its homeworld.

Hanse Davion is presented with a situation undreamt of … final defeat of the Dragon — House Kurita. Should he attack his distracted foe and destroy the enemy his family has battled for over years? Or should he reinforce a fellow House of the Inner Sphere against a force that Davion and the Federated Commonwealth might not otherwise defeat when the time comes? The Clans. Since appearing in the Inner Sphere, the Clans have moved from planet to planet with utter disregard for any opposing force.

Their technology is superior to anything the Inner Sphere possesses. Their race is selectively bred for combat. They appear to be unstoppable. ComStar, the semi-mystic sect that controls interstellar communication, moves to engineer circumstances that will hurl Davion, Kurita and the Clans into a war that will leave ComStar in a position to dominate what was once the Star League.

Lost Destiny: Blood of Kerensky 3 The Clan invaders are driving toward their ultimate objective — Terra, cradle of humankind and hub of the ComStar communications network. The heir to the throne of the Draconis Combine is missing. Whole regiments of BattleMechs lie smashed like abandoned toys. Rasalhague is overrun. The Clans are sweeping toward the center of the Inner Sphere in a relentless tide.

Invaders from beyond the Periphery, the Clans have beaten the forces of the Inner Sphere repeatedly. Warriors bred for battle and mated to fantastic war machines, Clansmen live for victory and pray for death before defeat.

ComStar betrayed the Inner Sphere by aiding the Clans in their conquests. Now the mystic sect that controls all interstellar communication must face the Clan hordes alone. Related posts:.



Gogar Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. The main characters have a lot of weird names. That said, every once in a while you will find a story that is truly well done. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of There is one chapter that has a very interesting prison break that I really enjoyed. The action is great, storyline is rich and intriguing, character development and descriptions are also great. I really wanted to like this book more, but unfortunately there are just too many factions and characters to heriatge care about anyone.


Blood of Kerensky (series)

Shelves: scifi-fantasy-read "Lethal heritage" was a fun sci-fi romp in the world of battle tech. Covering the start of the clan invasions it has less action then the books of the warrior trilogy but successfully sets an exciting stage for changes yet to come. If you are a fan of Battletech it is an easy recommendation. Some of the writing of human relationships is quiet poor but the grand scale narration of the universe is engaging and Stackpole is successful in that area. Man, Stackpole sure wrote some thick Battletech tomes back in the day! And thats not a good thing. This book is boring to the extreme.

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