Summary of the Catholic doctrine Based on the contents of the Catechism of the Catholic Church CCC Focus on the most important contents Simple and understandable language Numerous inspiring illustrations and photos Quotes from the Bible, from saints and celebrities Background information and links for further study Tested and officially approved Foreword and recommendation by Pope em. So I invite you: Study this Catechism! That is my heartfelt desire. This Catechism was not written to please you. It will not make life easy for you, because it demands of you a new life. So I beg you: Study this Catechism with passion and perseverance.

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On each page also background information for adults Tested and officially approved Tested and optimized for several years with families, schools and communion groups Approval by German-speaking bishops and Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome Preface and recommendation by Pope Francis Pope Francis Foreword Dear children, Dear parents! That is why I consider this catechism as useful as the big Catechism, in which you can find answers to the most important questions of life: Where does this world come from?

Why do I exist? How and why shall we live here? What happens after death? Dear parents, keep this little catechism with you and take the time to contemplate it together with your children page by page, mystery of faith by mystery of faith, question by question. Help your children discover the love of Jesus! It will make them strong and brave. Do not get tired of questions or of sharing your faith. Do not remain silent when your children have pressing questions, but always have the strength to hand on the faith, which you too received from your parents.

Be a living chain, so that from generation to generation, the gospel may always be present in our families, our communities and in the Church. I bless you with all my heart; please pray for me. Show more Tips for Using Optional: Preparation If you want to prepare yourself, first look at the page before you go through it with your child.

They are the first thing your child will discover on the page. The texts on the bottom of the page are for you as a parent and will help you to dive deeper into the topic. Some of its content, you may easily use when talking to your child. Look at the page together When you are with your children, look at the page that has a specific question on it. There is a lot to discover and often something to laugh about.

The two cute characters, Lilly and Bob, will take care of that. Read the question Now turn to the question. Often the illustration will be the link between you and your children. Talk about the question You might even close the book now.

The child has ideas; you have ideas. It is important that your child can first formulate his or her own opinion or even a possible answer or knowledge. If you yourself are unsure at certain points, this is not a bad thing. Your child will even be impressed if you go on a journey of discovery together.

Read the answer Please look in the book to see what the answer is. It is a "common" answer of the church, as it was gained from the Bible and years of faith history. So this answer has a certain weight. Sometimes the answer you have found with the child will not fully coincide with the experience of the Church. Not everything must be immediately explained. Please turn to the next question. Some things can only be understood in context. Prayer at the conclusion If at the end of your exchange you still manage to say a free prayer together with your children, which brings the contents of your conversation before God, you have achieved something wonderful!

Only a catechism explains the faith, which has been more and more deeply developed within the long history of the Catholic Church, in its overall context. I do not know of any other faith book, which is slanted towards children and parents at the same time.

Furthermore, you have these illustrations by Alexander von Lengerke, which are funny, refreshing, surprising and deeply pious all at the same time. The exemplary stories, quotes by saints, scientists, politicians in the section for the parents turn the book into a store of spritual treasures.

The definitions of theological terms turn the book into a theological dictionary. Furthermore, you have all these helpful references to the YOUCAT for those parents, who want to understand the faith of the Church deeper and who would like to be enabled to pass it on. Many questions are questions that also interest children. Other questions they would not have asked on their own. But these are the questions that arouse their interest and in this way increase their faith knowledge.

It is very helpful to start with the questions that children are interested in. But the deeper you dive into the topics with them the more their thirst for knowledge grows; they ask and ask, and then start to marvel and rejoice at the fact to exactly call this exciting God their father Others remarked that they realized that it was at least as of much importance to them as to their children.

They should look at it without prejudice. If they like it, they should use it to catechism children and then to help other catechists and parents to make use of it. It would be ideal, if they used it to talk about faith with parents of First Communion. What gap does it fill? Successful catechesis requires not only playful, emotional and community forming moments, but also the imparting of faith knowledge beyond the existing questions of children.

If you leave this out, you are not really helping the children. Without acquiring real faith knowledge, faith will evaporate easily. What do parents, educators and grandparents have to do? What is expected of them? How much time does one have to invest? The most important thing is that faith - searching and doubting - is a natural topic of conversations within the family. The passing on of faith is not adding on processes to everything else that is going on in the family, but at best, the organic and automatic permeation of family life and a natural part of the atmosphere within a family.

The time of the evening prayer is a great occasion to explore a question together. However, parents should have already taken a look at the respective topic in order to avoid searching for it too long and in that way lose the interest of their child. Many times children do ask the most important questions in passing or while your milk is boiling over. Do you need prior knowledge, do you need to be a trained theologian, or already expert knowledge to work with the YOUCAT?

Although we have written the questions and answers of the YOUCAT for Kids so that children can understand them, we are orientating ourselves on the Catechism of the Catholic Church in terms of content and style.

In what way, and with what tools and methods, are children introduced to faith? The most successful way for the family to introduce children to the faith is when children are able to develop not only the known fundamental trust but also a fundamental religious trust through the experience of parental faith, for example in the evening prayer with their parents, in living through the liturgical year, and so on.

The groups must not be too large; a trusting relationship must be able to be established between the catechist and the children or teenagers. In addition to all playful or "cool" approaches, the catechetical materials should convey the central truth of the faith of the respective catechetical occasion and also have elements that introduce children and teens to prayer.

It is helpful to start with the questions that are interesting to the children. But the deeper you get into the topics with them, the more they grow their thirst for knowledge; they start to ask more and more. They start to be astonished and to rejoice, to be able to call this exciting God their father If they like it, they should use it to catechise children and then to help other catechists and parents to make use of it. It would be ideal, if they used it to talk about faith with parents of first communicants.



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