Imprisoned at the hands of her enemies, Princess Alais of France finds a way to escape and returns to her home in Paris. But the life of a princess is a dangerous one, and the road home beset with peril. Once she manages to return to Paris, she finds that her brother, King Philippe-Auguste, has arranged a marriage for her to shore up his political power. Condemned to yet another prison — this time a passionless marriage — Alais discovers her own path to freedom within the confines of her duty. As she begins to build a new life for herself, will she be able to find the love and joy she has always longed for?

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This was a forgettable romance — bland, insubstantial, and always, always choosing the most predictable path through the plot. Caroline Montague, the daughter of a baron, lives in Yorkshire and understands that some day, she must marry into money. Caroline wears breeches, rides a stallion, and is determined to do all these things after she marries. Enter the man her father chooses. Anthony Carrington, the Earl of Ravensbrook, is rich, handsome and determined that his wife will behave like a lady.

Naturally, he and Caroline have bickerfests ending in clinches that turn her knees to cotton candy. Anthony keeps a mistress and dallies with prostitutes in a club organized by an equally debauched friend of his, but insists that his wife be an untouched virgin.

Still, the course of true love never did run smooth, so Anthony constantly struggles to tame her, a process that includes grabbing her in the usual bruising grip when she goes too far. Meanwhile, Caroline constantly struggles to do all the things she usually does — going to the stables alone when the two of them are staying at an inn, speaking to a groom she finds there, hiring a man to be her secret sparring partner and so on. She argues with him frequently, yet never comes up with a plan for how to make her marriage work when he forbids her to fight, fence, etc.

Anthony claimed to have enemies among the men they would meet that night. If one tried to malign her, she would be ready. What does this even mean? Does Anthony breathe a word of this to Caroline? Does he silently rage with jealousy each time she talks to Carlyle, and suspect her of sleeping with him because the man is a vile seducer?

Does Caroline discover the truth in the most unfortunate, humiliating way? Is there a separation? Dear readers, you already know exactly what happens in the book, down to the baby-logue and beyond. There are a lot of sex scenes — in fact, I think Caroline and Anthony spend far more time having sex than they do anything else together. These scenes are neither a turnoff nor particularly sensual, and the rest of the writing is likewise middle-of-the-road.

Did well-bred young ladies in use this expression? In conclusion, How to Tame a Willful Wife was a disappointment.



Shelves: netgalley , ebook , romantic-historical-reviews Anthony Carrington, Earl of Ravensbrook, is doing his former commanding officer and close friend a favor by marrying his daughter and saving the family from bankruptcy. But hes not pleased to discover that his bride-to-be was not raised to know her place as a lady of society. No wife of his will be out riding stallions, competing in archery competitions, and taking fencing lessons! Shell have to be tamed if shes to take her place by his side in London, and hes not looking forward to the task. Anthony Carrington, Earl of Ravensbrook, is doing his former commanding officer and close friend a favor by marrying his daughter and saving the family from bankruptcy. But once he has a moment alone with the tempting beauty, he decides that taming her may be a rather delightful endeavor, and that he is exactly the right man for the job. Caroline Montague is not happy at being forced into marriage with a man not of her choosing, but she loves her father and is prepared to do what she must to save him from ruin.


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