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Info Heart-Rate Belt The elastic, comfortable to wear chest strap is a perfect multi-tool for your sports activities. Wireless data transmission of your heart rate with Bluetooth Smart 4. Info Diagnostic Scale Our scale provides you with some of the most important data which is helping you to stay healthy: weight, fat percentage, water percentage, muscle percentage, bone mass, body mass index, basal metabolic rate calories burned in hibernation and active metabolic rate calories burned in a normal life-day.

Info GPS Watch The GPS watch starts with very less steps and informs you always actual about the distance covered, the time, the speed, calorie consumption and much more. You can also set the heart-rate zones, to stay within the optimal pulse zone. The elastic, comfortable chest strap is a perfect multi-tool for your sports activities and transfers the heart rate to the watch. Info Blood Pressure Monitor This handy device is a must for all health conscious people!

We are offering you a product with the most modern technic with functions which enable you to monitor and save your heart function data. Info Analogue Smart Watch 1. The progress indicator showing actual info concerning the set goals are reached. Very simple handling and completely pain-free measurement. Also for sports at high altitudes e. Mountain climbing, skiing.

Info Analogue Smart Watch 2. Detailed reports are displayed on your smartphone and on these webpages. Your data is saved in the cloud, so you will not lose it even you change or lose your device! Important: The app is working with iPhone 4s upwards and Android phones version 4. A detailed list with compatible smartphones you can find on this website in the section compatibility.


Ergometer Aldi & Heimtrainer Aldi: Was kann das Crane Ergometer?



Crane sports ERGOMETER 33807 Bedienungsanleitung


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