How many versions are there and are they that varied? That last post is in reference to the cookie cutter thing only. I may indeed like it. I understand how free-form character creation works and I deadalnds it but I also like classes too. If there are any that are actually decent, tell me.

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Magul Deadlands d20 Anyways, back on topic, thank everyone for their inputs here. The were a mix of dice and playing cards. The only skills we shared were shooting, spellcasting and guts, and even then we had them at different levels.

Are there any good adventure paths out there for Deadlands or am I gonna have to make it up myself? I understand how free-form character creation works and I like it but I also like classes too.

Classic has a learning curve but is rewarding with the amount of flavor it brings right? Classic Deadlands seems to be seen as the clunkiest rendition of the system with the most flavor. I have read the reloaded version and it seems similar enough that it should be good. SW still works dice and poker chips where it can.

Some on them are rather vague and the xore encourages the GM to come up with their own. Mine was a combat-focused blaster who took mainly spell and weapon focused edges.

Sounds great, anyone know where I ruulebook find these? I guess all I have to do is wait to see which system we use. Class systems bundle abilities into archetypal packages. Alternatively, rather than picking the lesser of three evils, perhaps another system might work better for your group?

One part of the story line might end on the Mexican border and the next one might take deavlands in Sacramento. Why is D20 Deadlands terrible? So remember to be careful and have some back up character ideas in the dfadlands. Not that I will completely shun it though. Regardless, Deadlands d20 is mess. Just so deaxlands know, Plot Point Campaigns are meant to last a year of weekly play. I brought it up to my DM and this is what he replied with: How it basically works is it starts out with a players section of background information[1], then a GMs section with extra rules and the truth behind what was said in the players section.

Mainly I want to avoid a cookie cutter character situation. It gives the world a much stronger and diffrent feel. Have you played any other non class games? Hey guys, my group is planning on starting up a deadlands game. All of them just limit the choices you can make, prune out the unique things about the way the game handles things, and give nothing in return except a familiar ruleset for people too lazy to learn a new system, even though that ruleset is completely unfitting to the setting.

I think reloaded is going to work fine though. They are kind of a combination campaign or supplement and adventure paths. The original has a bit of a learning curve to it but it plays well.

Deadlands Reloaded is regarded highly but is cautioned as an oversimplification of the system akin to the 3. Knowledge is power, after all. But my group and I know them and enjoy the games using them. TOP 10 Related.



Otherworld hit it right on the head. If you can find them. It seems to work in a similar fashion to the heroes system. Mainly I want to avoid a cookie cutter character situation. Sort of a square peg in a round hole situation. SW still works dice and poker chips where it can.







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