Fekasa The Dimachaeron is a murder machine. It is a risky tactic, but your opponent will be quite hard pressed and will have to choose if he wants to concentrate fire and obliterate it immediately, letting the rest of your horde close on him, or let it live and see his army ripped in pieces the very next turn. Once people understand she is not the doom some people rupes she is, she will be neutered pretty fast. Part of the hobby. Was S10 really too much?

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Any hit roll of a 6 counts as AP -4 and Dmg D6. So, the Dimachaeron is one hell of a model. It looks like a Lictor that went super Saiyan, and well, it has a decently impressive statline. The Dimachaeron is our most accurate big bug who can theoretically do some major damage.

This is really what makes the Dimachaeron so different from the rest of our big beasties is that it is both versatile and accurate. You can shred through elite infantry well enough with 6 attacks when healthy but also do some big damage against armor.

With a movement value of 12 when healthy, it is easy to get the Dimachaeron into range to mulch things like Scouts or any other units that deploy further up, and thanks to its Leaper-Killer rule, it can actually just jump buildings and obstacles rather than go around, so while some infantry might think they are safe hiding behind a building, the Dimachaeron can jump over it and hit them from behind.

Of course, there are plenty of combinations to help get the Dimachaeron where it wants to go. If you get Catalyst on it as well, it can be a lot of beef to chew through that will take a lot of resources to kill, allowing the rest of your army some breathing room to make it up the field unscathed.

You can also go for a long, long bomb with Opportunistic Advance, Onslaught, and then Swarmlord again for a lot of extra movement that could mean getting the Dimachaeron into the backlines. Hive Fleet matters here for different tactics.

Kraken is, as usual, the stand-out choice for extra speed and the ability to fall back and charge a juicier target. If you can get a combination charge off where you can use a unit of Genestealers or Hormagaunts to lock a chaff line combat, the Dimachaeron can get in there to, power up, and then fall back next turn and line up a better charge.

Kronos is not a bad choice either as the Dimachaeron is so fast that it can move up the board and spread out that aura for The Deepest Shadow. The Dima does have 14 wounds so Leviathan can help give it a bit more durability. Hydra is of course wasted on it. Well, first is the cost. At points, it is quite expensive for a monster, and to put it another way, Old One Eye is the same price for way more bug.

You are dedicating a lot of resources to this bug for it to work, and really, it is an inefficient use of those resources. If you are running a monster mash list with lots of big bugs, it could work, but if you run Genestealers, chances are you want Swarmlord to Hive Commander the Stealers as they can actually tri-point something, which leaves the Dimachaeron hoping that Onslaught plus a good advance roll gets it to where it needs to go.

Next, the Dimachaeron is not all that tough. Any anti-armor attention like the usual suspects of Eldar Flyers, Knights, etc, will still pick up the bug without much thought. Even volume of fire is going to stick wounds on it, and when it degrades, it loses attacks, and it needs as many attacks as it can possibly get.

While its signature trick, Leaper-Killer, is cool and can be useful, it is still a Monster without FLY, so it cannot assault up levels in a ruin, and again, it is a big, beastly model, so there are plenty of places for infantry to hide where it physically cannot go.

To keep piling on, with 6 high quality attacks, the Dima is like a super lictor that excels at killing characters and super elite infantry, but it needs to kill some infantry to get its save up, and 6 attacks against an AM squad or an Ork blob is just not so good.

Lastly, the Dimachaeron is just the definition of a swing model. That is really the thing, I am fine paying points for a model that I know will generally do big damage, but I cannot say that about a Dimachaeron. A fail, but not necessarily miserably so. It can do some work, but it is very dice dependent, and it is very expensive for what it is. A Haruspex is cheaper, tougher, and can still do similar damage output, just a bit slower is all. Either way, it is a great model, even if it sits on a shelf more than on the table.

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Tyranid Forgeworld Review – Fast Attack: Dimachaeron

Winning tournaments with them in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. Almost 20 years It has taken me f Last time we checked in I had him at tabletop standard, check in with this link. Having been disappointed by my last wash it took some significant willpower The current lockdown in the UK has not given me much motivation for getting on with much hobby progress at the moment.



Yeah, a giantsized Tresher Scythe would be great. Where can I find Dimachaeron rules? This flying fortress brings the pain in all sorts of ways. If you are already a member then feel free to login now. You also make 10 additional To Hit rolls with the Bio-Flail. The Dimachaeron is a murder machine.

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