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High temperature alloy for a single austenitic organization, in all kinds of temperature has good stability and reliability of the organizations use, based on these properties, and high temperature alloy alloying degree is higher, also called "super alloys", it is widely used in aviation, spaceflight, petroleum, chemical industry, ships is a kind of important material. According to the matrix element to points, high temperature alloy and divided into iron base, nickel and cobalt base, high temperature alloy etc. Organizational characteristics: High temperature alloy for a single austenitic matrix organization, in all kinds of temperature has good stability and reliability of the organization to use. High temperature alloy quality requirements: External quality: external contour shape, size accuracy, the surface defect cleaning method. Internal quality: chemical composition, structure, mechanical and physical and chemical properties. Mechanical properties: room temperature and high temperature tensile properties and impact toughness, high temperature lasting several creep properties, hardness and high weeks and weeks, creep, fatigue performance under the mutual action of fatigue and the mechanical properties, thermal and corrosion resistance to oxidation.

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The instruments are simple to configure and use, while providing tremendous versatility and a wealth of powerful features. With two full channels of PID control, these instruments are the perfect choice for environmental control applications such as test chambers, clinical storage, computer rooms, etc. The iTH Series Controllers provide single output control for humidity and temperature and are easily programmed for any control or alarming requirement from simple on-off to full autotune PID control.

The networking and communications options highly recommended include direct Ethernet LAN connectivity with an embedded Web server, and serial communications. The iTH Series controllers are designed for easy integration with popular industrial automation, data acquisition and control programs as well as Microsoft Visual Basic and Excel. Omega provides free configuration software which makes it fast and easy to get up and running. Available for download on the Web. Color change is still active.

Color sequence based on alarm setpoints is still available. Specify Model Number What Other People Bought: When you see this icon, click on it to expand a list of products that other people have bought when they purchased this model.


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