Togami We wish you a pleasant read! Together with APress, we have made the book available in digital form for free. Net applications, C and ASP. The developers who created SharpDevelop give you an inside track on application development with a guided tour of the source code for SharpDevelop. You will gain valuable insidd of building an application on this scale, learning from the decisions, mistakes, problems and solutions that lead to the current version on SharpDevelop.

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NET C This great book shows you the process, thinking and code behind the open-source. It was not in print for very long but Apress bought Wrox when they closed down and made the book freely available on its site for download in PDF format.

Alas, with their most recent web redesign their free e-books section has disappeared so I am temporarily hosting it here after recommending it to somebody interested in writing their own syntax highlighting editor on the MSDN forums. I could never put my finger on why, but I tend not to reccomend this to people anymore. I looked at the linked msdn thread and it seems like the OP doesnt really understand how hard it is to do what he really wants parse to AST with highlighting that he is talking about RTF boxes and html pages means he wont grok the books lessons on editing behind the scenes data structure.

If you skip that stuff you will probably find yourself referring back but some of the information on designers, syntax highlighting, parsers etc. Damien Guard — November 12th, Thanks for hosting this! FYI google links directly to the pdf, but since youve disallowed hotlinking it resolves to a page.

It would be really helpful if you could make an exception and put either a redirect rule for this one document, or add a link to this page from your page that renders conditionally based on referrer or whatever. The only reason I would ever ask is that you seem to be the only currently available source of this excellent resource. Maybe one well-placed ad would make up for the bandwidth charge….. Anything with the word free within ten minutes of it is going to get major hits and hot linking downloadable free stuff that was once commercial will get nailed hard.

Download junkies and Google hot linking will decimate your server like vultures on road kill. No hot-linking was an excellent idea. It will keep the product around for awhile without killing the locals here. Thankyou for your time keeping the book around and accessible.



Tokree The PDF file and the accompanying source code are available for download here: As a result, the code snippets are confusing. It feels at times like the authors were rushing through it, when they could have stopped and explained things better. We wish you a pleasant read! SharpDevelop Community They will show the most important code features and explain how readers can use these techniques in their own projects. This book teaches advanced. Christian Holm No information is available for this author. The SharpDevelop team will show the readers how to: The SharpDevelop team will show you how to: Readers should gain valuable experience of building an application on this scale, learning from the decisions, mistakes, problems and solutions that lead to the current version on SharpDevelop.



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