He cleverly weaves together familiar parts of fairy tales and Greek mythology to tell the story of fourteen-year-old Parker Bear, rich and utterly bored with life—until a new girl arrives in town. Parker watches, fascinated, as one by one Tara chooses high school students to befriend; he even helps her by making the necessary introductions. By the time Parker realizes what Tara is doing, he is too embroiled to stop her. In fact, she has endowed him with certain cravings of his own. To say more would spoil the spooky fun of this wild thriller—let the twist speak for itself and leave you still as a statue.

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A couple of weeks ago I was looking for something to give my son Haley to read. I gave it to Haley, selling it on the Greek mythology angle, and he agreed to give it a try. When he gets engrossed in a story, I usually let him keep reading. So I let him read. A few hours later, he was done with the book. One sitting. I was amazed. Haley devoured it. The next day, I handed him Downsiders. Haley usually gets a twenty minute break during his school day. That particular day, he used his break time to read.

Well, you get the idea. Haley has become a huge Shusterman fan. His most recent read was Everlost, which is a much longer book. Still, he finished it in a day. But it is so wonderful to see my reluctant reader son eating up books. So thanks, Neal! It seems to me that Neal Shusterman is already deserving of mention among the recent greats in the young-adult field, authors like Robert Cormier, Katherine Paterson, J.

I see no limit to how high Neal Shusterman can ascend as a writer, to what he can accomplish going forward from this point in his career.

You become lazy. When we stop growing we immediately start dying, regardless of our circumstances, and so we always need that push to movement to keep us from growing fatally complacent. Tara is her name, and she has a style about her that could captivate anyone, and they would never even realize that they had indeed been taken prisoner.

If every other author in the world would write a toss-off in this case, I can assure you that Neal Shusterman has done nothing of the kind. Dread Locks is an incredibly potent story that kept me riveted until the awesome, stunning conclusion, and I would give it three and a half stars.


Dread Locks

Some of my favorite parts is when people eat gross stuff, like when the girl ate food that fell on the ground. Nov 05, Riley Chenard rated it it was amazing. Review: Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman — Literature Young Adult Fiction I bought this for myself, thinking it was a bit old for my ten year old the characters are highschoolersbut because it was free of language and innuendo, I thought it appropriate for my ten-year-old who loved Percy Jackson. So, this is an incredibly quick read. When Parker Baer discovers beautiful, but cryptic Tara sleeping peacefully in his bed, he begins an adventure that affects his friends and family—and reveals the stone-cold hearts of some of his socia Part of the Darkfusion series.


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