LaTeX is a typesetting tool. You write your text using a particular markup language, and then you process your text into something nice-looking and printable. There are numerous books and documentation available on using LaTeX. In order to facilitate working with LaTeX documents, files with the. Files with the.

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Emacs has its complicated keyboard shortcuts, enormous documentation and config files written in a Lisp dialect called Emacs lisp , so at first it might seem very unpleasant using it.

However, once tamed, it becomes your best friend. Most of these ideas are taken from various config files, howtos and other resources found on the web. Some of them are mine, but I can no longer tell which. Mac users have a choice of setting up either Carbon Emacs a version closer to original GNU Emacs or Aquamacs an Emacs variant supporting tabs and other nice tweaks; preferred Emacs package by all Mac users I know, Karolina included.

Full comparison of Mac Emacs variants is available here , so you can make your own choice. Trust me, this saves a lot of time. But there are more packages that provide features which make your life easier. Flymake is one of those packages.

It enables Emacs to check the syntax of your TeX file on-the-fly. It allows the user to hide some parts of the text file, which makes working with large files much easier. To hide all the contents of your current section, use C-c C-o C-l. You can apply it to a chapter, subsection, etc. Reftex is a mode that helps with managing references full documentation , but it can also be used to create a table of contents for a TeX file and to navigate using it.

Here is my configuration for Reftex from my. I know that Emacs is a bit peculiar with its complicated keyboard shortcuts, enormous documentation and thousands of modes.


BibTeX と bibtex-mode, reftex-mode の使い方



Yet Another TeX mode for Emacs


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