History[ edit ] Sakal was a classic newspaper of the pre-independence nationalist period. By the s, Sakal appointed full-time correspondents, each with a telephone, in every town in its neighborhood. It ran training camps for its journalists, promotions and cultural events for its readers and letters to the editor on its front page. When Dr. Parulekar died in , he left the paper with many good practices and rich traditions.

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Wednesday, 22 April Pune: With the police and administration tightening the Wednesday, 22 April Pune: A group of lawyers from Pune has filed public Wednesday, 22 April Pune: The coronavirus lockdown keeps the schools shut and has led to the cancellation of examinations for most students.

The city schools have used this time to introduce Monday, 20 April Pune: As the need for counselling on anxiety and depression has grown amidst the lockdown situation in the country, clinical psychologist Ajanta Sen has highlighted that on As per information Monday, 20 April Pune: After several educationists raised concerns about the conduct of examination and a possible delay in starting the next academic year, the University Grants Commission Monday, 20 April Pune: Ride-hailing platform Uber has announced to provide access to prescription and other over-the-counter medicines amidst the ongoing national lockdown to the residents Monday, 20 April Pune: Wholesale prices of pulses like moong split green gram and masoor red lentils saw a sharp hike of Rs 25 and Rs 15 respectively, owing to the increase in demand.

Monday, 20 April Pune: Doctors, medical staff and other healthcare providers are working under immense pressure as the number of COVID patients continues to increase in the city and In the city, of the 46 deceased, 11 were between the age of 51 years to Sunday, 19 April


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