Menu tecnico extraflame Accesa e prime impressioni. Anche io sono riuscito con il codice a0 a entrare nel menu tecnico e mi sono scritto tutti i parametri. Sono venuto a sapere che esiste una specie di menu senza dover sganciare 80? Portale Support di Extaflame per il supporto tecnico sui nostri prodotti.

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As previously described, when installing, all national, regional, provincial and town council Standards in force provided by the country in which the appliance has been installed must be complied with. The diameter of the minimum net transversal section of the valve inlet must not be lower than 15 mm. Page Commissioning Checks Chapter 6 Where it is necessary to separate the individual heat generator from the expansion vessel or expansion vessels unit, a three-way tap must be applied on the connection piping between the generator and the vessel, in order to ensure, in every position, the connection of the generator with the expansion vessel or with the atmosphere.

This type of material is obtained from natural waste from the machining of wood. By means of a special process that does not require the use of any binding agent and additive, the waste is compressed in industrial machinery under high pressure and they become solid wooden pellets. When the stove is started and has entered normal functioning mode, display D1 will shows the water temperature.

As soon as the product switches on, it is normal for the pump to function intermittently, given the thermal exchange with the plant. Remove the plug from the socket. Refer to the electrical layout to remove the default bridge and connect the two thermostat cables on to the relative clamps positioned on the rear of the machine; To confi rm and continue programming, press button 5. Press button 4 to go back to the previous parameter.

Successively press key 1 to confi rm and escape. The manual controls, from the display or remote control, always remain priority with respect to programming. Page 36 Chapter 10 Increase the percentage value by 5 points and try the stove with the new calibration for at least half an hour.

Repeat the operation until the problem is solved. Failure to comply with these operations can jeopardise the safety of the product. Remove the brazier from the relevant compartment and free the holes using the appropriate fi re irons supplied. These must be checked regularly: if they should be worn or damages they must be replaced immediately. These operations must be carried out by a qualifi ed technician. To clean the ash drawer, remove the lower door by pressing downwards fi gure


Menu tecnico extraflame



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