Nikosho Most of the time, you will see the tab drawer on the left-hand side of the screen. In this way you can increase or decrease filterstorj, and control in a sense where that contrast occurs. Popovers are contextual controls that appear throughout FSPro. Introduction Filterstorm Pro FSPro is a powerful piece of software meant to make tagging and sending images as quick as possible. If there is only one version of an image, double tapping the image will bring you to the edit screen. I also really love the name, it feels great typing it in, technical but gentle at the same time.

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I enjoy adding two images that compliment each other and hopefully create the sense that there is a story there. Most times my inspiration comes from life events that I try to mirror in the works but there are times that I blend images that are simply appealing to me.

Below I will describe my process in stages. I begin by focusing on the part that was the most difficult for me at first, figuring out how to take photos and blend them without distracting background elements and colors and finding two images that work well together.

In this tutorial I will also explain how to simply blend those images together. I will follow up in the future with more advanced editing techniques for removing distracting elements and achieving the desired look with relatively simple ease. I hope you find this helpful and as much fun as I do. I have found that foggy or rainy days are best as the natural light is not too harsh and any distracting elements in the background such as colors and clouds are usually obscured.

Choose a spot such as a window or front porch at a location with nothing in the background. The overhead shelter provides the camera the opportunity to fix the exposure on the light, silhouette the figure and let you adjust as necessary to get the desired result. The same effect can be achieved by windows or studio lighting. This photo was taken on a foggy day on the St. Johns River under an overhang on a dock.

Taking these elements into consideration you will find great ease in the following steps. For the second exposure I used a tree that I took moments after the first exposure. Open Exposure 1 in Filterstorm 2. Select the Layers setting and add a layer selecting the second image from your Camera Roll and align as desired as seen above.

Select Mask in the lower right hand corner 4. Select Invert Mask the circle with the star in it, second to last item on the main menu above the Check Mark. Select Double Exposure 7. Now you are finished with Double Exposure - Simple Steps I hope this tutorial has been helpful, I will be adding more advanced Double Exposure tips and techniques on how to expand the edits and accentuate portions of the image.



Image Tiling To enable image tiling, tap the settings button, then turn off the "Scale Large Images" option. Tiling allows you to edit images larger than the maximum texture size of your GPU x on newer devices, x on iPhone4. It is disabled by default, and may cause instability with very large images. On iPhone 4 you can still edit at full resolution with image tiling. When image tiling is turned on, you can set a maximum image size; images larger than this size will be scaled down before processing to prevent instability.


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Faukazahn Tapping the collection once will select it, and double tapping will show you the contents of the collection. Popovers are contextual controls that appear throughout FSPro. If you find any joy and stimulation here, please consider becoming a Supporting Member with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, or possibly making a one-time donation. The contents of collections represent individual photos.


Universal for iPhone & iPad, $3.99 (Tier 4)

Brara While most functions are meant to be easily filtrstorm by the user, some functions which can speed up use are not immediately apparent. Your browser does not support the video tag. When Editing an image, it contains all the controls for cropping, scaling, and applying filters. In the third picture, the left half of the curve is below the diagonal and right half above. From left to right, the curves graph goes from dark to bright, just as the equalizer goes from bass to treble. The curves tool provides a simple, extremely powerful way to brighten, darken, and add contrast.

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