Mentre incominciava la sua carriera come professore ordinario, fu costretto ad abbandonare il suo posto e la cittadinanza austriaca nel per potersi sposare come ex-prete. Pertanto Brentano definisce i fenomeni psichici come "presentazioni" o come quei fenomeni che si basano su "presentazioni". I fenomeni psichici inoltre appaiono privi di estensione. Gli "oggetti" considerati a prescindere dal loro rapporto con la mia coscienza. Ogni credere, desiderare, ecc.

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It is possible that Johann Melchior von Birkenstock became acquainted with the Brentano family at this time. Ten days before her eighth birthday, Antonie lost her mother to an epidemic and was sent to school at the Ursuline convent in Pressburg.

Eight days after the wedding, the pair departed Vienna for Frankfurt-am-Main. Beethoven composed a piano, violin and cello trio [2] for her. Vienna years[ edit ] In August , Antonie returned to Vienna to care for her ailing father, who died on October 30, Franz Brentano established a branch of his business in Vienna and joined his wife there.

Here I live in the house of the deceased Birkenstock, in the midst of two thousand engravings, as many drawings, as many hundred antique urns, and Etrurian lamps, marble vases, antique remains of hands and feet, pictures, Chinese dresses, coins, collections of minerals, sea-insects, telescopes, countless maps, plans of ancient buried kingdoms and cities, skilfully carved sticks, valuable documents, and lastly the sword of the Emperor Carolus. All these surround us in gay confusion, and are just about being brought into order, so there is nothing to be touched or understood, and with the chesnut-alley in full blossom, and the rushing Danube, which bears us over on his back, there is no enduring the Gallery of Art.

He later dedicated one of his most accomplished works, the Diabelli Variations , to Antonie and two more, including his antepenultimate piano sonata , to her daughter Maximiliane. Despite success in leading many Beethoven scholars to accept his hypothesis as fact, Solomon wrote, "clearly, there is no possibility of absolute certainty here, and the researcher should not exclude even the most remote possibilities".

Antonie was known as "the mother of the poor" for her work in raising funds for the poor and disenfranchised citizens of Frankfurt. She founded and ran several charities. The Brentanos entertained notables such as Goethe and the brothers Grimm both at their house in Frankfurt and at their summer home, Winkel near Rheingau.


FRANZ (Clemens) BRENTANO (1838 - 1917)

Aristoteles und seine Weltanschauung. Philosophische Bibliothek, vol. Leipzig Das Genie. Vortrag gehalten im Saale des Ingenieur- und Architektenvereins in Wien. Leipzig Das Schlechte als Gegenstand dichterischer Darstellung. Vortrag, gehalten in der Gesellschaft der Litteraturfreunde zu Wien.


Franz Brentano


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