GWT 2. In with the introduction of the Dart programming language , Google has reassured the GWT community that GWT will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future, but also hinted at a possible rapprochement between the two Google approaches to "structured web programming". When the application is deployed, the GWT cross-compiler translates the Java application to standalone JavaScript files that are optionally obfuscated and deeply optimized. When needed, JavaScript can also be embedded directly into Java code, using Java comments. Indeed, many key architectural decisions are left completely to the developer.

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With the popularity of gpokr. Mark Volkmann, Object Computing, Inc. Solutions to challenges commonly encountered in GWT are presented through the design and development of actual applications. The applications developed throughout the text demonstrate best practices from simple UI design all the way to custom code generation, and are presented with little pretext about the amount of Java knowledge a given developer may have.

Advanced concepts are not withheld but are presented in a way that will be understood by both novice and seasoned developers alike. Good application development practices and proper Model View Controller design is reinforced throughout the book, nearly guaranteeing that the reader will come away a better programmer. A very detailed book! In this valuable book, insider Ryan Dewsbury provides instructions for using the robust tool set and gets you on your way to creating first-class web applications by providing a comprehensive overview of GWT technology.

There is a ton to digest before you get to Chapter 6 where all the great example code starts. But if you do what I did, and try to put into action at least part of what you have learned from each chapter in your own sample programs you will be better prepared for the later chapters. Otherwise, you get to chapter 6 and you are not sure what hit you. That really is my only complaint, a few easy sample apps after each chapter before you get into the big ones in the middle of the book would be nice.

But after you finish this book you will definitely be ready to tackle some major projects and you will at least have some pretty good hands on knowledge of the different methods that you can use in GWT develop rich internet applications. Detailed and practical book on Google Web Toolkit By Calvinnme on Dec 18, This book is about writing Ajax applications that create richer user experiences than you usually find in a tutorial book on application programming.

Secondarily, the book covers software development techniques using Java and how to apply Ajax application development with the GWT.

Finally, the book looks at web technologies including web standards and Ajax libraries and APIs. He does not assume you know anything about the GWT.

This book is hands on and includes most but not all of the code. First Steps with the Google Web Toolkit - intro plus a tutorial on creating an Ajax game application.

Server Integration Techniques - self-explanatory 4. This includes CSS, code generation, internationalization, and performance. Gadget Desktop Application - first of the example-based chapters shows how to write a gadget application with a drag-and-drop interface and persistence with cookies and Gears. Using Javascript with the GWT is covered here.

Multi-search application - how to write a search application with an interface to many search engines. You see how to communicate with Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Flickr. Blog Editor Application - how to write an application that manages entries that are occuring across many blogs. It shows how to use an event-based protocol along with optimizing with Comet on Tomcat and Continuations on Jetty Database Editor Application - How to create a database manager for a basic web page.

Covers from basic concepts and definitions behind GWT like the gadget library, panels, compositions and moves to advanced topics like internationalization, integration with other server technologies, patterns, etc.

I was just expecting another dry reference book for yet another framework. The examples were well thought out and interesting - not just more Hello World apps. I think you may need a good background in both Java and JavaScript for this to be easily consumed, but for me it hit the spot.

It is prior to 1. It does have a very practical approach, with a lot of coding and it mixes several other technologies to solve the covered project issues, so, if you are not familiar with recent not so recent anymore web tech you will probably need a bit of research to fully enjoy the reading. Good, but has some flaws, however you will need it for the advanced topics By Dinsdale Litotes on Feb 14, I have read many of the available GWT books.

This one looks better than the others, it has nice diagrams and uses patterns - all very positive. As with the other GWT books this one suffers from poor proofreading, there are typos and missing words, but probably far fewer than other books on the subject.

When the book arrived I was disappointed by the flimsy paperback and very thin glossy pages. Pairs of pages tend to stick together and mark easily from fingerprints, also as other reviewers have commented about the publisher, the source code is not easily available for free download. Before all of the negatives build up, I think that this is a book you will need to buy, both for its good programming approach and for the advanced topics section.

I bought the book simply so that I could read chapter 9! The book unfortunately seems to dwell in the earlier chapters on Eclipse. I must say it has cover lot of ground with working examples. You will get some practical tips on development of GUI and deployment on Tomcat. I am giving 5 star because no other GWT book cover ground like Ryan has done. A book with excellent examples to jump start By Raycheung on Dec 06, If you feel uncomfortable to read through the Google site about GWT, get this book.

If you want some tiny tips with GWT, get this book. If you want to appreciate GWT in one day, get this book. This book is great!! Decapia on Sep 28, What makes this book great is that it sets the tone for beginners and makes it easy to step to the next levels. Highly recommended for professionals of all levels. I like the event model in Smalltalk and Java, and never has a chance to learn Java script. In the past several months, I have had a need to develop a browse UI. By using this book, I simply copied the application UI and used it for my project.

I give all stars to this book. It will be a practical book for anyone who is interested to use Google Web Toolkit. However, I like to mention that the book was written in Google Web Toolkit has gone a long way in these 5 years. It is time to have 2nd edition. A lot of example codes are not working or deprecated. It will be harder and harder to use the book without a revision. Well Written Book! It covers the basics well and goes on to develop usable real world examples.

Coming from a Java background this book really helped me tie it all together. Excellent Book! Finally, being able to write AJAX-based applications without being mired in cobbled-on Javascript code. The docs on [ This book has a good mix of theory and background of GWT, along with many examples. Excellent Book By J. Smathers on Oct 24, This is one of the better books I have read to learn about a new IT technology. This would still be true, even if the other books did not set the bar so low.

This is written well, easy to follow, well planned. It appears to be a book by someone who has a very thorough understanding of not just GWT, but related technologies as well. You also have to go hunting around for the examples by going to the authors page, then the book forum. Not a good starter book. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Addison-Wesley Professional and has a total of pages in the book.

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