Select Page The Practice of Heka and Egyptian Magic The magical power of Egypt was the sole prerogative of royalty and royal priests; however, some mean elements did use the magical powers for ill-gotten gains and wealth. The world of magic had a pragmatic approach and the principles applied to achieve the main goals of human, spirits, dead and gods. Just consider the magnificent feats of the following gods: Ptah : Creation of the world Amon : Self Fertilization Khnum : Shaping of men and women by using clay All these great deeds were impossible without the help of great magical powers! The dead and their abode are too important for deceased, these places needed security and protection from evil forces, and heka did provide them with its stupendous powers. Amulets of various sorts were the essential part of the Egyptian heka, and everyone ensured that they had at least one of them on their bodies. Healing was also a magical art and heka ensured that everyone got their cure from a variety of afflictions and diseases.

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Heka is also described as the ba the soul or manifestation of the sun god. He was the energy which made creation possible and every act of magic was a continuation of the creative process. Some Egyptian deities were merely personifications of abstract concepts or natural phenomena and were never the focus of cult worship or private devotion.

No major temples were built for Heka, but he did have a priesthood and shrines were dedicated to him in Lower northern Egypt. Originally this was just an epithet, applied to a number of goddesses. As a goddess in her own right, Weret Hekau was usually shown in cobra form. She was one of the goddesses who acted as a foster-mother to the divine kings of ancient Egypt and she was the power immanent in the royal crowns.

The snake-shaped wands used by magicians probably represent her. The misinterpretation of the use of hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt is one of the biggest errors in modern understanding of this craft. Magical rituals were performed in temples every single day.

They were strongly related and influenced one another. According to Egyptians, there was no chaos in the beginning, just darkness. Only Nun and the dragon Apep existed. Apep was responsible for chaos, but the world was created out of chaos in the perfect divine order. It is also related to the goddess Maat, who is connected to harmony, truth, and justice.

Ancient Egyptian art depicting Apep being warded off by a deity. Public Domain There is one more word in the ancient Egyptian language which describes magical powers — akhu. Akhu was used by the stars and deities, it was not good nor bad.

However, the meaning of heka is better known. Every single magical being like gods or, for example dwarves had their own heka. According to Sir James Frazer, magic was a manipulation of supernatural beings by a human who hoped that the correct behavior, ritual, words, or actions would bring a desired result. In Egypt, it was also connected with religion.


Heka-Egyptian Magic

Select Page Introduction to Heka The magical word of Heka could mean several meanings to many people. Each of these meanings also signifies many faces of complex Egyptian magic and the occult. Heka seems to be the divine gift of the sun god Re in an honor to the humankind. The earliest meaning of heka dates back to almost years; the basic functions of heka is detailed in the text called the Instruction for Merikara, the Middle Kingdom teaching and treatise of the Pharaoh Amenemhet I BCE. He describes heka as: He Re provided them the heka as a great weapon in order to protect people from the dangerous effects of evil spirits. Fact: Heka is the great creative force or life supporting energy that connects the subjects, resources and other symbols of life with the almighty universe, which a magician must attempt to learn in order to work magic in an effective way. Heka, the Inherent Energy When you look into living beings, heka is the inherent energy that is both aural and magical in nature.


Ancient Egyptian Magic

Print this page Magicians In Egyptian myth, magic heka was one of the forces used by the creator to make the world. Through heka, symbolic actions could have practical effects. All deities and people were thought to possess this force in some degree, but there were rules about why and how it could be used. The most respected users of magic were the lector priests The most respected users of magic were the lector priests, who could read the ancient books of magic kept in temple and palace libraries. In popular stories such men were credited with the power to bring wax animals to life, or roll back the waters of a lake.

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