Susan Shumsky, spiritual cruises, and tours to India, Peru, Egypt, Bali, and other sacred destinations: www. Susan Shumsky "At the center of your being is a treasure trove beyond anything you could imagine. There is no greater love than this, no greater comfort, no greater joy. Remove all dross, all that is not of truth. This place of perfect content is the only fulfillment.

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Shumsky Is it possible to be directly connected with Spirit? Can you learn how to hear the "still small voice" of God as easily as using a telephone? Is it possible to learn to receive guidance from your inner divine voice? The answer to these questions is a definitive yes. Contacting the divine presence and receiving divine messages is a time-honored tradition in every culture. But psychologists and psychiatrists warn us of the dangers inherent in contacting inner voices without guidance or safeguards.

How can you know "who" or "what" you are communicating with while receiving intuition? Is it safe to develop and use your supernormal powers and psychic abilities? Although intuition has become increasingly popular recently, no book currently available helps you to clearly identify the source of your intuitive messages and to test inner voices accurately. This book was written to help you to hear the "still small voice" of God within you, the voice of inner guidance, comfort, love, healing, and wisdom, and to help you tell the difference between that divine voice and other "voices" such as those of fear or self-doubt that you might "hear" in your mind.

Three basic inner voices can be heard through inner sensing: 1. The mental voice subconscious mind. The psychic voice extrasensory perception. The divine voice spiritual awareness. This book will help you recognize and differentiate these inner voices and contact the divine voice clearly and reliably. It offers a new, systematic approach to intuitive training and will help you establish a spiritual connection with deeper levels of inner being. You will find this direct pipeline to profound wisdom provides a great source of inner strength and self-confidence, which is unavailable via any other technique.

Providing a complete road map to your inner life, this book can lead you safely through the maze of the spiritual path, pointing out signposts along the way. Its field-proven methods have been tested and verified by students from all backgrounds who have had beneficial experiences with these techniques. I now pay attention more frequently, and the accuracy of these messages has been astounding.

I no longer take for granted or disregard this small voice. The techniques in this book are very simple and easy to learn. There is an important message on your answering machine. Sure enough, when I arrived home, there was one message on my machine concerning my finances.

Had I not received it that hour, I would have missed a very important, lucrative opportunity. What Is Divine Revelation? Divine Revelation, the technique of intuitional development offered in this book, is a way to develop your innate ability to hear the divine voice within. It is a method of listening, letting go, and receiving from Spirit. This universal technique is a simple, effective way to directly communicate with God, in whatever form you personally believe God to be.

I would read prayers or say prayers, and then I would be done. That was it. Divine Revelation provides a way of listening to God.

I ask a question and then I sit and wait, and I listen, and the answer comes -- from that part of myself that is connected to God. They are eager to welcome you and to enrich your life, ease your burdens, and uplift your soul.

The Divine Revelation meditation and intuition technique is a practical, easy, step-by-step process of awakening true inner divine contact. Its purpose is to help you receive divine guidance in a clear, consistent, precise, reliable way. It enables you to experience direct divine communication without "doing" anything. It is not about trying or effort; in fact, it is completely effortless. Divine Revelation is not psychic-mediumship or spirit-channeling. It is direct contact with God-awareness and your higher self rather than entities from the astral world.

By uniting your conscious mind with the divine mind, you can directly contact the source of wisdom, healing, intelligence, inspiration, peace, and happiness within.

This is not a daydream or out-of-body experience. It is a practical way to receive answers to everyday problems and inner healing, love, wisdom, and understanding. Sandy Roth, a writer from Michigan, describes what Divine Revelation did for her: "I felt that I had a great deal of wisdom within, and I wanted to directly tap into that wisdom to make use of it in my life.

This was the first benefit that I received, and it has continued to provide a source of knowledge and wisdom to me. Any situation or challenge that comes up in my life, I only need to go within, to my God self, and the right direction or the right decision automatically comes to me. Even when I have inner experiences, I tend to deny or refute them. It helps you recognize, categorize, and understand your spiritual experiences. Chapters 7, 10, and 11 help you break through resistances to having recognizable, tangible spiritual experiences.

Chapters 13 and 14 will help you test the authenticity of various methods of intuitive exploration. You will learn reliable safeguards for testing inner voices and for differentiating one voice from another. Chapter 17 contains remarkable stories of those who follow and trust their intuition. These can inspire you to develop faith in your inner voice and follow its spiritual guidance in your everyday life. Benefits You Can Expect Here are just a few of the many benefits you will gain by reading this book and practicing its techniques.

Included are quotations from students who have used the methods described in this book. Learning to listen to and trust your inner divine voice. I am growing ever faster as my divine Self teaches me. Enjoying life more and being happier through experiencing God within. I have gained a new profound connection with God within myself that has brought immense love and happiness into my relationships and more energy and creativity to my daily activity.

Experiencing greater peace of mind and trust in the divine. Attaining spiritual discernment and overcoming illusions of your mind. Susan knew all of the precautionary steps to take. Healing negative beliefs, habits, and false conditioning. Receiving vital energy from universal Spirit. Now I find that no matter how much sleep I get, I have lots of energy. I feel much more full of vitality and energy and dynamism than ever before. Louis, Missouri. Improving your personal relationships.

I feel a greater opening of my heart, and a greater closeness with people in recognizing a oneness that we share. Developing and expressing greater creativity. I have been trying to be a creative painter for several years but only occasionally could touch on spontaneous expression. Using this system I am able to invite the creativity in as I wish. Taking personal responsibility and gaining greater self-acceptance. This discovery of self-authority grows daily and fills me with a great sense of freedom.

I am in control of my life. Taking command of your destiny and increasing your effectiveness. Things I do in my career now, I once considered to be impossible. I just do. My ability to create what I want in my life has gotten a lot better. Invitation to Inner Discovery This book can help you discover the richness and texture of your inner divine nature.

It can help you realize your own identity and your connection with God-Spirit. You have heard that "the kingdom of God is within you. How many actually feel the divine presence at the center of your being?

Many people believe that such an experience is impossible, but those students with no prior knowledge or training who have practiced the Divine Revelation techniques have proven that they can experience it. For example, Dorrie Rosen, a landscape architect from New York City, describes her very first experience with using these techniques: "I feel the love and presence of the divine.

I feel a sense of calmness, centeredness, and wholeness, as if I am being carried by divine parents who will take care of every need! Therefore, you become your own guide, your own teacher, on this path to spiritual fulfillment. The tools offered within this book are simply a do-it-yourself kit for understanding and experiencing your own higher nature.

You have within yourself a hidden treasure trove to discover and explore. Once you find this fortune, you can use it to enrich every aspect of your life. You are invited to begin this journey of inner discovery -- locating and tapping this treasure within. At the center of your being is the source of all wisdom, all knowledge, power, healing, light, and love. All the answers lie inside of you, deep within your own heart of hearts.

Through the techniques offered in this book, you can open your heart to that inner light and discover the truth of your being.


Dr. Susan Shumsky D.D.

Susan Shumsky is a best-selling award-winning author, foremost spirituality expert, pioneer in the self-development field, highly-acclaimed and greatly respected professional speaker, New Thought minister, and Doctor of Divinity. Susan Shumsky has never had a failure with any student who has a sincere desire to learn. The indwelling presence is your comforter and protector. Be at peace in divine love. Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways.


How to Hear the Voice of God

Shumsky Is it possible to be directly connected with Spirit? Can you learn how to hear the "still small voice" of God as easily as using a telephone? Is it possible to learn to receive guidance from your inner divine voice? The answer to these questions is a definitive yes. Contacting the divine presence and receiving divine messages is a time-honored tradition in every culture. But psychologists and psychiatrists warn us of the dangers inherent in contacting inner voices without guidance or safeguards.


Susan Shumsky

Start your review of How to Hear the Voice of God Write a review Jul 22, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing Like Susan Shumskys previous book, Divine Revelation, this one is excellent, and includes a valuable CD containing a guided meditation to help you connect with the Holy Spirit this being the aspect of God she has chosen , Actually I found the present book better than Divine Revelation, since it seemed shorter and clearer. I got a bit confused with all the information in Divine Revelation, but in this one I found it easier to get a clearer overview of the necessary information. We learn how to contact the various aspects of God, i. We learn how to obtain the signal whereby we can recognize the aspect with which we are in contact, how to ask for advice and receive an answer. This chapter is extremely useful, in fact essential.

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