ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. A true yogi is one who does this natural pranayama, uniting his incoming and outgoing breaths with the syllables ham and sa and performing this natural japa, ajapa-japa. Preview — I Am That by Muktananda. I Am That by Muktananda, Swami JoAnne rated it really liked it Aug 24, When the movie of its lives passes before its mind, it becomes frightened and begins moving restlessly here and there. A great classical poet of India; author of many plays and poems. One who simply watches the breath, being aware that it is coming in and going out with the sounds ham and sa, is doing ajapa-japa, and this is the true way of practising the mantra.

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Vulkis When the breath is uneven, the mind becomes disturbed, and the sense of duality arises. Other mantras can be coordinated with the breath, but it is not necessary to do so. The science of hamsa is the science of the Self. The scriptures say it is hamsa because the incoming breath makes the sound ham, and the outgoing breath the sound sa. I Am That: The Science of Hamsa from the Vijnana Bhairava The awakened 62 Kundalini rises up through the sushumna muktanand, piercing all the chakras centres of consciousnesswhich are located in it, Tantra: Everything is contained in the Self.

It is said in the Garbha Upanishad that when the fetus in the womb is seven months old, 28 the soul receives knowledge of its past and future. Hamsa is the natural mantra. Thxt understand that the true goal of the mantra is that awareness. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. It is literally the sound of our breathing. There is no greater mantra than this one, no greater worship than meditation, no greater deity than the Self.

A wonderful book outlining many spiritual principles to live by. Share your thoughts with other customers. Want to Read saving…. Ultimately the Dharana, if practiced purposely, will revel the deepest meaning by itself and the practitioner will need to articulate it on his or an very own words as Mukt Excellent entry level text to Meditation inside the broader philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism.

The book touches on the psychology of the mind and the nature of the spirit of man. Regulation and restraint of breath. I Am That by Muktananda, Swami As you repeat hamsa with the understanding of the perfect aham, this realization dawns. It also gives life to the physical body and makes it function. In the final stages of this practice, you do not repeat the mantra deliberately, you hear it going on within yourself. Shrikant rated it it was amazing Nov 11, I was amazed to find in it the following words ascribed to Jesus: The place where it merges is called hridaya, the heart.

When you begin to have the awareness of this pure I, the intellect, too, becomes purified, and then you are able to perceive God shining within. State of meditative union with the Absolute. He is not something you are going to attain; you are simply supposed to become aware of Him. Through the practice of watching it, one begins 2 to hear it and knows that it happens naturally.

Lists with This Book. Hamsa is the natural mantra, linked to the life-force of every living being. The book includes an introduction by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, the spiritual an of the Siddha Yoga path.

Views Read Edit View nuktananda. If you perceive this with true understanding you realise the Truth immediately. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Some say that it is the name of the breath. In the same way, the Self which gives light to the inner and outer senses also illuminates itself. When the prana stops moving in and out of the body, there is either samadhi or death. The same space exists between two thoughts.

Inhalation and exhalation are the dance of Shiva and Shakti, of God and his creative energy. Most 10 Related.



Tegar Great beings do not teach only through philosophical discourses. Because he does not understand the glory of his own Self, man gets into the habit of seeing himself as small, as imperfect, and as separate from God. To ask other readers qm about I Am Thatplease sign up. These are the utterance of the supreme Goddess, whose nature is to create. A great mystic and poet who lived in Benares and was a weaver by trade. Who told you that you are not That?


Swami Muktananda

Dibar Just as a huge banyan tree springs from a tiny seed, and contains branches, roots, leaves, flowers, and fruit, and thousands of other seeds, the seed of hamsa contains yoga, meditation, japa, austerities, and all powers. Here Baba offers us the most valuable jewel of all — hamsa — which holds the secret of life, the mystery of breath. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This was THE event of my spiritual life.



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