Else there will be loss of human life. It is an explosive device used to disable, immobilize or kill. It is activated either by a person or vehicle or by electric wire or radio signal. Most land mines are laid on just below the surface of ground and are activated by pressure. Metal detection Metal is one of the most common component of a landmine. Metal detectors are capable of signaling the presence of minute metal piece.

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Atul Shire, Prof. Umesh Jawarkar, Mr. Sachin Chavhan. The mines which are implanted during the war time may remain undetected. As the name suggests detection is done using Radar Bullets and hence can be done further away from the mine carefully. Bullets fire from helicopter emits radar pulses as it grinds to the halt these radar pulses reflects from landed mines due to that reflection landmines can be estimated approximately.

This is the method in which special type of radar bullet are use to find landmines without setting foot into the ground offering safe and efficient way of landmine detection. There are some methods for detection of land mines, such Metal detector method, Biological method and mechanical method. These methods are dangerous and risk is involved to life of solider. Radar bullet is a relatively new discovery used Annually people injured and losing their specially for detection of land mines.

And this was lives only because of landmines accidents [3]. It is very important invention because around 85 estimated that there millions active buried countries having problem with landmine, and landmines that means one landmines for every 52 approximately 20, peoples injured and kill people. Landmines are found along roads, in fields every year by land mines accidents.

In this and forest, near wells and river bank so it causes discussion, main concentrate is Radar this ultra serious economical problem for the countries. Radar bullet the mainly mines that are removed, one person is kill and two used to find land mines without setting foot into the persons are injured because main methods used for ground.

This consists of firing a special bullet into demining means removal of mines are mines ground from a helicopter which could pinpoint detection using metal detectors and biological buried land mines even though landmines which method of detection by specially trained mine remains active for over 50 years after its detection dog but these methods are typically slow, implementation.

Radar bullet internally consists of expensive and dangerous but new technology of microwave emitter. This microwave emitter emits detection of landmines using radar bullets is the electromagnetic waves whose wavelength The effective alternatives this technique is worthy for bullet emits a radar pulse as it grinds to halt. This human being. The term detection of landmines without setting foot into was then borrowed by military engineers having ground.

Internally it consists of microwave emitter. The mines were firstly it used to waves whose wavelength are conventionally destroy target located above but they were later measured in small number of centimeter called filled with explosive like gunpowder or black microwave. Microwave band having very large powder. By the 14th century gunpowder was in information carrying capacity by means of which military use and had a profound effect on all future mines can be find[2].

As search and removal of conflicts. In order to cause greater destruction By buried land mines is serious and problem faced by experiments had been conducted in the use of many countries, specially countries like landmines in Sicily and southern Italy.

A glass tube in the cross piece held the detonating compound. A thin steel rod in the long part of the T had one end resting on the glass tube; the other projected about a 1. When someone lift foot and put it down on the rod broke the glass tube and detonated the Fig. This was first mines designed to main rather than to kill indirectly. Reference to these mines was made during the Battle of Williamsburg in , where they adapted shells so as to surprise the Union vanguard.

When 1 Metal detector method the charge exploded, the light sides of the case 2 Biological method were blown out. The Americans are really the first 3 Mechanical method nation to develop and use operational landmines. Then in he ordered his troops to prepare Metal detector methods: artillery shells so that they could be exploded by The following figure shows the use of metal pulling tripwires or by being stepped on see Fig detector for landmines detection.

This method 1. But problem is plastic landmines cannot be detected by this method[11]. To combat the growing number and effectiveness of American tanks, the German Fig 2. Initially they used large gun powder shells dug into the ground and 1 Introduction of coil imaging sensor: covered with wooden boards for the purpose to provide wide pressure plate.

But these mines This sensor creates the image of an object instead proved to be unreliable and time consuming. In of producing audio signal [9]. Now days we able to early the produced a mine that could detect and see metal parts of less than 1cm but this effectively be used against tanks [5]. Magnetic field of this may tend to of radar bullet is to find landmines without setting penetrate the ground and ground significally foot into the ground.

Microwave band have very distributed the magnetic field; which is measured large information carrying capacity thus internal by the magnetometer. This method is more structures of radar bullet consist of microwave sensitive to noise. Microwave emitter emits the Strengths: electromagnetic waves whose wavelengths are Above method have reasonable penetration depth.

The bullet emits a Image resolution is poor. Horizanal range is limited. This pulse strikes There is risk to life of man who handles the metal the mine and its image gets available on the detector. Biological methods: 1 Use of dog and rat: Well trained dog can detect the smell of explosives in landmines which is hided under the grounds.

Dogs are able to discriminate up to ten odours without difficulties 2. Bees:- Fig. Radar bullets Entomologists trained bees that detects explosives and variety of landmines these bees can search large area in short time. But the thing is to more needs to be understood about the fate and transport of explosives in the surface before the full potentials of trained bees.

The bacteria are allows to grow for several hours. Working of Radar bullet: Then surveys team would return to search for Radar means detection of radio waves and ranging. Radar makes use of radio waves to detect and This method can also cover large area of detection locate objects. Radar works like a sensor and its of mines. But possible have the environmental purpose is estimating certain characteristic if its limitation[12]. Radar operates by transmitting Mechanical method: electromagnetic energy into the surroundings and Sometime there is no time for army to find out the detecting energy reflected by objects.

The direction buried mine in minefield. To clear the safe path at from which reflections comes the bearing object that time military forces employs several kind of can be detected. The distance to the reflecting mines clearing machine to clear the path. Some of object is estimated. In radar bullet principle, the the mine clearing machines are remote controlled change of medium by the waves must be taken into which minimized the risk to the life of army.

But consideration. Radar is basically a means of by this method virtual are get destroyed and mis gathering information about distant objects that we mine interested in or targets of which information is needed by sending electromagnetic waves towards object to be detected and analyzing the echoes. The safe method of detection is use of radar bullets. This can be used for detecting antipersonnel as well as anti- tank mines and the mines used in sea for targeting the ship and submarines.

Since it can also be used for Fig. Table 9. Zebkera,n d C. Hilland, et al. Fredrick Emmons Terman, Introduction to Radar and radio detection Biological method 5. Andrew DeerorowLandmines and radio about the fate detecting Signal and Array Processing, 1, pp.

Peter Jr. Daniel , and J. Young yet undetected. Author Biblography Atul Shire Robert S. Burlage, University of Received M. Till date he has published 08 reasearch papers in various International Journals. Pursuing M.








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