The author of the book is anonymous. Despite this clue, the book has also been attributed to Leon Battista Alberti , and earlier, to Lorenzo de Medici. Manutius himself claimed[ citation needed ] that the author was a different Francesco Colonna, a wealthy Roman governor. The identity of the illustrator is less certain than that of the author. The Rape of Europa The subject matter of the book lies within the tradition or genre of the Romance. It follows the conventions of courtly love , which in continued to provide engaging thematic matter for the Quattrocento aristocrats.

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Start your review of Le songe de Poliphile Write a review Shelves: enigmatic-book , old-books , arabic-and-hebrew-words , architectural-writing , lover-of-many-things , romantic , dream-was-just-a-fantasy , dream-within-a-dream , love-of-antiquity , renaissance-compendium " Poliphilus is after [a nymph called] Polia.

Well, there is a lot to tell; the rendezvous with the Gods Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars , the Cupid, the escaping from a terrible dragon, " Poliphilus chose the middle-way door. Poliphilus will learn also, all had been a fantasy.

But then we know that after a dream, man wakes up to reality. And we know also that he had had two dreams: a dream, within a dream. It is also a diligent portal. To the underworld of other worldly. Into pleasure and unthinkable happiness. For this, I think it is brilliant! It was written long ago: I love cusps. Or not. This is part of the point. My authorial point.

A point is like a period. A point that is like a period that is impregnated is like a period in hyperspace. My point is that reading requires Dimensionality. However, upon closer scrutiny The reason why the narrator heralds the sculptor over the worker so much is that, I imagine, the author sees himself as the sculptor of his story. Ask Marjorie Perloff or Kenneth Goldsmith! Or nearly everyone these days…. A friend once told me that one of the reasons she loved Ed Dorn as a poetry teacher was because he had a point of view.

Perhaps she might not have been so happy that he took a point of view if she hated his point of view. With a top hat on. Practically everyone has his point of view, at least many non-poets; who believes in poetry and art? And his work is not just about humor and performance, as one poet I heard lightly tell him after he read at Naropa. The poem becomes redefined as a by-product of the experiment, which is no longer the poem as product but the poem as process.

This is subversive. Well, sadly, just about everyone else! For this, On The Cusp, the book deserves five stars. Yet, I wish the stars of reviewing were more like the stars of outer space, innumerable To have done otherwise would have only produced another abridgement.

But if one were really to convey the spirit and style of the original language, it would have been necessary to do as Colonna did: to invent English words based on the same Latin and Greek ones, and to embed them into a syntax to match. The only compensation lies in exploiting the rich double vocabulary of Latin and Germanic roots that is unique to English. This is why we need poems.


Le « Songe de Poliphile » des Quesnel et de Crozat



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