Feedback is absolutely necessary for fully or partially automated operation. This information is needed in order to know if a train may enter a particular track or not. The feedback module LR has 8 inputs to connect switch contacts or occupancy detectors LB and 1 input to connect a voltage detector LB To bridge unstable switch conditions e. The status is reported to the command station LZV via the feedback bus.

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Warrant pending Page 2 If you still have questions after reading this operating manual, for which you can not find the answers, please contact us.

We will be happy to help. Lenz Elektronik GmbH guarantees fault-free operation if you follow the advice given In the later sections, the whole range of functions of the LZV will be explained in detail.

Put the locomotive which is equipped with the locomotive decoder onto the track. DIGITAL plus is a digital multi-train control system for all model railroad scales developed in close cooperation with model railroaders worldwide. XpressNet is the highest performance communication network in the DCC industry, providing the modeler with exceptional growth possibilities. With RailCom the decoder can communicate back information to the command station and to the handheld device that is controlling it.

The LZV has a built-in RailCom detector designed to be able to receive the information that the decoder is transmitting. Each is used to connect a different feature of your system. If no additional power stations are needed then no further connection is needed using this plug. Via these wires, which also must be a twisted pair, the Command Station asks for the state of, for example, turnouts or track occupancy detectors.

These settings can be activated from any XpressNet handheld. The sequence is a two step process. The first step is to write a value of 50 to CV7. This activates the programming process. A capacitor is only needed for conventional operations to prevent radio interference.

In DCC operation a capacitor corrupts the data format and the error free data transfer is disturbed. Over temperature is the most common reason that the LZV shuts down before a short is detected. To maximize the DCC track output current, you need to have a transformer that puts out a voltage that is close to the DCC track voltage under load because any voltage above the regulated track voltage generates heat.

The database can contain up to entries. Each time you enter a new locomotive address and provide speed or function information the locomotive is added to the database which is maintained between operating sessions. XpressNet is a leading model railroad high speed network protocol. It is based on the electronic industry standard RS hardware.

Providing sufficient power is a prerequisite for the proper function of a digital layout. For a good estimate per locomotive, use 0. If you are operating locomotives with offset pickups common in HO scale brass steam locomotives , the you will need a common between the power stations.

Page Installing Xpressnet The most reliable long-term instillation is to use 5 pin Din plugs. These can be obtained from most electronic parts stores or through your Lenz dealer in groups of five as part XP The assignment of the five-pin DIN-socket is shown in the This could result in a short in the connected input devices.

If you are upgrading from a Set you may replace the coil cord on the LH you used as the command station with a coil cord that has a 5-pin din connector. Daisy chained from Command Station via intermediate input locations to the last input location.

Between the start and end you may insert connecting panels or 5-pin DIN connectors anywhere.


Die einfach sichere Kehrschleifenlösung von Digital plus






Lenz Digital Plus LZV100 Operation Manual




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