Linksys is a registered trademark or trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. This Phone Adapter will allow you to make phone or fax calls using the your broadband connection. How does the Phone Adapter do this? Plug the Phone Adapter into your network router or gateway, and then connect your phones or fax machines to the Phone Adapter. Shown below is a connection diagram displaying a typical setup.

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Click on the link "Download Firmware", which downloads the. Run the. It then upgrades the device. This is provided for your information: the author is not saying you have to upgrade the firmware. How to avoid the long delay to hear the ringtone If you ever experience some delay to hear the ringtone when you make outgoing calls with your PAP2T. Follow the next steps in order to change that setting: Note: However before changing that option, test if calling the number with an at the end of the number works e.

Phone will not ring on handset Sometimes the Phone you are using is designed for a certain Voltage and Ring Waveform. If someone tries to call you and the phone appears to be ringing for the caller but your phone never rings please follow these steps to hopefully resolve this issue for you.

You can also change the Ring Voltage in increments of 5 to 90 or This way the ATA device will block any traffic not coming from our servers. Connect a telephone to line 1 of the PAP2T unit and power it on. Resetting with internet connection may mess up the unit making it completely useless. Type in the following number including the symbol. Your linksys ATA unit will now go back to it factory default settings.

Guide Links In the event where you need the guides directly from Cisco, you may find the user and admin manual guides below:.


Linksys PAP2-NA Configuration Instructions

All Rights Reserved. This single account access solution enables service to be used as home phone service, small business voip service, mobile VoIP phone, pc to phone or as calling card with need of only one account. The main benefit of VoIP service is very non-technical and simple to understand - it is cheaper than traditional phone services and has more features than you probably currently know about or use. With VoIP service you can call anywhere at anytime for less money. Placing a call with VoIP service is exactly the same as with any other regular phone. Just pick up the handset and dial the regular telephone number.


Linksys pap2t voice setup



Linksys PAP2-NA User Manual


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