Shelves: favs , reread , kindle-own , few-chuckles , , , no-smexy-times , wish-you-were-real , technically-terrible , girl-crush Her hair tickled his face, and he rested his chin on her head. They held each other for a long moment. His thoughts grew dark as he thought about what it would take to save her. You must do this one last thing for me. Rhyn said nothing for a long moment. My one big complaint is that this one has terrible editing.

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By Lizzy Ford Fantastic Rhyn s Redemption pulls you in from the first page and doesn t let you go I couldn t put it down. There was just some much going on in this series Demons, Immortals, Death There was a tone of danger, and loads of tension And Ford pulled it all together flawlessly I never had a second where I was confused or lost, only hours of spine tingling suspense.

Rhyn really steps up in this book While Katie is stuck in Death s domain frantically searching for an escape and a way back to him, Rhyn starts to get passed all his insecurities, and yes, he goes a little crazy doing it Not only does he have a war to fight, and a counsel of brothers who do not believe in him to keep together, but he also gets forced to decide between the fate of the world and Katie.

Just like the last two, Ryhn s Redemption kept me engrossed and guessing until the end I loved, loved, loved every minute of it All I can say is thank goodness Ford has decided to continue on with the Rhyn Eternal series I definitely need of these characters I have said that books they draw my emotions are good, this was excellent The complexity of the characters are astounding Ms.

Ford has brought us a story of 7 immortals, year old baby angel, and our dear Katie Now throw in death and her assassin and we have a story All of this pales in comparison to the nasty vile Sasha What a wonderful series she has created for us. Who could imagine that getting pulled over by the cops could have started on this path When the everyday meets Magic and Katie s life changes in the blink of an eye All at once she is thrown into a life where she is a mother of a 5 years old and no idea how that has happen Yes you read that correctly blink and clear your eyes She has a child, that everyone in her life knows about but her WTC You figure that out Katie begins to fall in a spiral that she will soon find herself trapped in Hell Oh MY WAIT I need to tell you, Toby which is Katie s 5 year old son just happens to be besties with Death s Assassin Gabe Keeping up with me Are you dying here Trust me Keep reading This is all part of the intriguing journey thats filled with confusion, drama and monsters Katie she faces all these bizarre changes in her life, will eventually meet some people only dreams create Torture and horrible things all of this and then she will meet Rhyn..

This series is going to take you for a ride that you have never been on before Characters you will love and hate Torture and I cannot even begin to do this justice So my advice, is not to sit in the world you feel comfortable in, but jump into Katie s world and live through her Your enjoyment will be so much better Have patience with this amazing story The questions that you will form, will allbe answered in time Also a note to readers, Lizzy Ford has given us one fantastic bit, she is continuingThe Rhyn series YAY So just when you think you will get no of what you desire most BAM she writes Gaberial s Hope.

I do not know if you seen the cover but man you will want to polish his scythe with your. He was doomed any way he looked at things Is this place even real he asked Does it matter Rhyn smiled faintly, admiring the woman before him She was foolishly stubborn and lippy and he loved that about her She was the first creature ever to see beyond his half demon curse She d stayed strong in Hell, through confrontations with demons and Immortals alike, through his own failings She hadn t just survived she d found some part of him to believe in.

The idea of caring for her overwhelmed him again He d never had a reason to try to control his power or to focus on anything other than surviving That a simple little mortal could show him just how little his Immortal and demon powers really meant humbled him If he found his way, it would be because of her. Her distress and sorrow were there, buried but he still saw them She was trying to be brave, asking him for one last moment of comfort before what she thought was the end He owed her that, and so much No, it doesn t, he said softly He reached out to her His hands trailed down her soft cheek and tangled in her wayward curls With his index finger, he drew a line from her chin, down her neck, between her breasts and rested his hand on her belly, where the hatchling grew.

A different kind of sorrow filled him, one he recognized as regret If he failed, he d never see the little girl Katie carried Their hatchling would be as stubborn as her mother, and he could almost imagine huge eyes as blue and clear as Katie s peering out at him from a sweet, curly headed demon child s face He wished he d told Katie how terrified but thrilled he d been when she told him about the hatchling He wished he knew one fucking thing about raising a child or being a mate Every one of his brothers could ve managed these things, but his nature left him better apt at destroying than nurturing.

Rhyn grimaced I m not promising any miracles We got a lot to do to prepare the world for Hazel I have faith in us Right now, I owe my mate a rowdy night on the beach under the moonlight, he said He swung her up into his arms and strode towards the water.

Katie laughed, happiness and hope bubbling within her She took in Rhyn s strong profile If anyone could save the world, it was him.


Rhyn Trilogy by Lizzy Ford



Rhyn's Redemption (2012)


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