An author for over 20 years, Margaret has continually drawn on her extensive experience to create and revise the Maths in Focus series, which has been a bestseller for almost ten years. She is also an enthusiastic choir member and names concerts with the Stomp Company and Andrea Boccelli as highlights of her singing career. FEATURES Each chapter begins with a Chapter Outline that includes syllabus outcomes and codes, as well as a terminology word list Graded exercises are linked to worked examples and include multiplechoice questions, HSC-style questions and realistic applications Investigations sections explore the syllabus in more detail through group work and modelling activities Did you know? Each chapter begins with a Chapter Outline that includes a list of chapter objectives and a Terminology glossary, and include graded exercises including multiple-choice questions, HSC-style questions and realistic applications.

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It covers all aspects of the prescribed syllabus for the two year course. It is assumed that students taking this course have completed the School Certificate mathematics course and have shown a degree of competence in the necessary skills. This two-unit course is intended to give students an understanding of those aspects of elementary mathematics which are applicable to real life situations.

Mathematics, like many other things, is best learnt by doing. A student begins to appreciate the power of mathematics when he or she has achieved a mastery of basic techniques, not after reading lengthy explanations. To perform well, a student must endeavour to understand mathematical concepts and must also acquire certain manipulative skills in operations.

The understanding of concepts helps a student to master these skills, just as mastering operation skills can help the student to understand concepts.

Proper motivation is necessary, however, if the acquisition of these skills is not to be a boring and frustrating process. The emphasis throughout the book is on the understanding of mathematical concepts: to this end, worked examples have been included to assist students to comprehend the subject matter. However, understanding cannot be complete without competence in certain skills. This competence must be acquired through practice; therefore the text contains many graded exercises-more than sufficient for a complete course.

To assist the appreciation of the course as a whole, comprehensive sets of revision exercises are included at the end of Chapters 7, 13 and 19 as well as Test Papers at the end of Chapter The first three chapters are devoted to basic arithmetic and algebra.

It is hoped that a large number of students will already vii have a sound knowledge of the work in these chapters so that much of the contents will be familiar and considered only as revision.

If students hope to be successful at Years 11 and 12, it is essential to have a firm foundation in algebra. Good algebra is central to success in mathematics. Thus, in these chapters much time is devoted to the basic skills of indices, factorization, equation solving, substitution in algebraic expressions, etc. The calculator has superseded the use of logarithms as an aid to computation. Emphasis has been placed on the importance of checking the feasibility of a calculator result by using approximations and reverse operations.

The author wishes to express his thanks to Mr John Sattler of St Ives High School for reading the manuscript and offering many helpful suggestions. The use of electronic calculators has J.


Five Senses Education

Mathematics extension 1 Mathematics extension 2 Year 11 and 12 students are issued with Cambridge mathematics 3 unit and Cambridge mathematics 2 unit text books. In addition to exercises in these text books teachers choose selected exercises from the following: Mathematics 2 unit New senior mathematics 2 unit course by J. Fitzpatrick 2 unit mathematics book 1 and book 2 by S. B Jones and K. Fitzpatrick 3 unit mathematics book 1 and book 2 by S. K Patel New senior mathematics four unit course for Year 12 by J. Fitzpatrick 4 unit mathematics by Denise Arnold and Graham Arnold Advanced mathematics complete higher school certificate mathematics extension 2 course by Terry Lee Revised 4 unit course for mathematics extension 2 by J.


Mathematics Extension 2 Stage 6 Syllabus (2017)



Fitzpatrick Extension 2 (2nd Edition)


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