AbeBooks has millions of books. Description: Think your mental muscles are in good shape? Summers finds fascinating challenges in situations as common as a game of tic-tac-toe or tennis, or as strange as a land of habitual Truthtellers and Liars. Contents:- Part I : 1. Before You Begin Part I 2. The Fight 3.

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However, the most popular one that I remember using myself is the Shakuntala Devi and George Summers ones that really help you with quite many puzzles. Remember, Cat preps are not just about puzzle preps though. It is a highly competitive, challenging and time-bound exam that too with negative marking system. So, you need to be really good with your approach towards your preparations, your overall attitude of preparing for the exams, and most importantly, your timi Continue Reading Loading… Open the Internet and you will find plenty of such puzzle books, websites, YouTube videos, etc.

So, you need to be really good with your approach towards your preparations, your overall attitude of preparing for the exams, and most importantly, your timing and accuracy as well. With that being said, there is a proper way of approaching your CAT preparations where you can actually focus on all the important sections involved. Basically, you would need to be really good with your Maths and English Basics.

That is the foundation of all your preps. Go through the syllabus once Before anything else, this surely must be done. This analysis of the syllabus would help you enormously prepare your proper strategy to go about your preps and also help you score your desirable number here.

The syllabus would tell you more about the more difficult sections, the easier ones, etc. Try to identify the subjects and accordingly set time for them to prepare. Similarly, try to identify your perfect time of the day when you the most attentive of all and sit during those hours for your preps for the CATs. Reference books and study materials There are plenty of them actually.

Apart from the puzzle books mentioned above, you should also try your hands at Arun Sharma, Nishit Sinha, R. Agarwal, Wren and Martin, Norman Lewis, and even try reading plenty of newspapers, etc. Connecting with other candidates appearing for the exams This is a very important step, in order to understand the various perspectives that people use to approach a said problem. You will get plenty of insights on various Facebook Groups, such as the Handakafunda group, community forums, discussion forums, etc.

I would thus, highly recommend you take up the various online website coaching which is quite a rage these days and trust me, from my personal experience, they have been a blessing truly, is not only cost-effective but also helping me save enough time and money otherwise spent on traveling to the physical classes. Try the Handakafunda website as well to help you with your perfect preparation strategy.


Books by George J. Summers



ISBN 13: 9788172242213



The Great Book Of Puzzles And Teasers


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