Page Otherwise, the low voltage pin should be allowed to float. Refer to Section 5. In this manner, the TC performs a voltage inver- sion, but does not provide regulation. The average out- put voltage will drop in a linear manner with respect to load current.

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Datasheet TC is an 8 pin IC used as the voltage regulator. The ICL is an industry-standard replacement of operating pump voltage converters that is pin compatible. It is also available in the market with the name of ICL Pin7 is used only when lowers than 10KHz frequency operation required. The pins on separate integrated circuit packs are Not Connected terminals. Such pins are not meant for the outside circuit though their functionalities may not be exposed.

The chip factory suppliers manufacturing plant can only accommodate several different packages, so no one can be available with the right number of pins so that you can raise a size. Such pins should not be attached to any of the circuit links, i. This is a positive terminal of the charge pump capacitor which handles the charge transference between the input and output terminal.

The CAP is inverted, and load and charge are passed to the capacitor at the output during the second half of the switching phase. Pin3: GND It is the ground pin. Pin4: CAP- This pin is the negative output source of the charge pump capacitor. It functions while voltage regulation. During the first half of the switching phase, the CAP capacitor provides the charge at output source. The load is returned to the output CAP capacitor pin during the second half of the switching process.

Pin6: LV The low voltage pin guarantees that the internal oscillator is working properly with input voltages below 3. Pin7: OSC It is the oscillator control input pin. Its main purpose is to slow or speed up the operation of the TC, the oscillator control input can be used.

Bypass to interrupt the oscillator by an active capacitor. Low equivalent resistor connected in series is recommended to be used for bypassing the power supply provided at input towards the output source. Operating Frequency Selection The on-board oscillator currently operates at a peak frequency of 10 kHz.

Only two external capacitors are required therefore it is easy to use Voltage Conversion efficiency is As it is Voltage Converter IC therefore, it is used in voltage conversion applications. It is very efficient for use in linear circuits due to the capability of performing voltage regulation through switching.

You can use it in designing DC to DC converters and voltage inversion circuits. How to use TC? It can be used as a simple negative voltage regulator.

The following connections show how we can obtain a negative voltage by providing a positive voltage on the input terminal. The pin connections are discussed in detail in the above section. We use a proteus simulator to design this circuit. As you can see fro the diagram that we get the same exact voltage at the output but having an opposite polarity.


TC7660 Charge Pump DC-to-DC Voltage Converter








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