Then one should recite the following hymn or praise of Goddess Laxmi. Ya rakta rudhirambera Harisakhi Ya Shree Manolhadini! Ya ratnakarmanthanatpragatita Vishnosvaya gehini! Sa mam patu Manorama Bhagavati Lakshmi Padmavati!! Significance: Oh Goddess, Laxmi One who resides in the red lotus, one who is graceful, who has glorious rays of divine light luster, who is completely reddish, who is clothed in the form of blood, who is beloved to God Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi, who gives happiness to the heart, who is created by churning of the ocean, one who is the wife of God Vishnu, one who is born from the lotus, who is extremely worthy to be worshipped kindly protect me. Vrat Katha: Many years ago there was a very big city.

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An important point to note about Vaibhava Lakshmi puja is that it should be observed for a total of eleven or twenty one Fridays should be observed, if the vrat cannot be followed on consecutive Fridays. The devotee remains on a fast the entire day.

However, milk and fruits are permitted for weak worshippers. A worshipper can have a meal at night after an offering made to the Goddess. The Vaibhav Lakshmi pooja is performed during the evening, after the sun sets. Preparation of the Pooja Area: The first step about Vaibhav Lakshmi puja is cleaning the puja area or alters where the idol will be stationed and the worship will take place. A rangoli is made and uncooked rice is placed in the form of square on it.

Clean the photos of the Ashtalakshmi or Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantaram and keep them nearby for worship. Chandan and kumkum can be applied on the lamp and on these photos. Preparation of the Kalasam: For the Vaibhav Lakshmi puja,a vessel or Kumbh is prepared, containing water and put turmeric powder, tulasi, kumkum, rose water and coins in it.

On a wider plate a handful of rice should be placed with some turmeric on it. The kalasam is placed on top of the rice. The kumba or the vessel containing water is closed with a cover, which could be either a plate or a coconut.

Some coins are placed on the plate or coconut and covered with a washed or new cloth. Finally, the cloth is decorated with some flowers, kumkum or sandalwood paste.

Prayers Followed By Naivediyam: For every poojaarchana to the kalasam should be done. The worship commences with the Ganapati puja. A thick paste of turmeric powder, about 1 tsp full with water is made and with that a small cone is made, which is used for Ganapati puja. Prayers should be offered to the IshtaDevatha and Kula Devatha and your intention or Sankalpa for the puja should be made.

This is followed by the Narayanapooja: Om NamoNarayanaya is chanted times putting flowers on the Kalasam. This is followed by the Vaibhav Lakshmi pooja: The Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja is done listening or reading the Vaibhavalakshmi legends and the bhajans. The Naivediyam is offered to the Gods. A sweet dish is usually offered to the Goddess Lakshmi.

Any sweet dish can be offered like rice pudding, sweet pongal, payasam kheer or gulabjamun could be offered. This is followed by praying to the Goddess to forgive and pardon your mistakes which you have committed unknowingly or knowingly during the pooja.

This is followed by the Mangalamaarti. The aarti is done while chanting some slokas and mantras. After The Pooja: The kalasam is moved slightly forward from its original position and the Naivediyam is taken. The next day the rice is taken out from the kalasam and either used for cooking or feeding the birds. The water from the kalasam is sprinkled in every part of the house and is poured into the plants.

Final Week of The Puja: The puja is done like the other weeks but the concluding week is special and so married girls and ladies are invited to the house to participate in the function. Some historical and success stories about Vaibhav Lakshmi puja are shared with the ladies. Turmeric, clothes, kumkum, yellow thread, coconut and Vaibhavalakshmivratabooks are distributed among friends and family members.


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