At the heart of the technology lies a special mixing assembly that produces an internal flue gas recirculation. This cools the flame, limiting the production of oxides of nitrogen. Optimal combustion: The mixing assembly distributes the fuel amongst various nozzles. Combustion takes place via a primary nozzle and concentrically arranged secondary nozzles. The primary flame ensures the overall flame remains stable and reliable throughout the whole turndown range.

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Example: Fuel consumption: 72 m3 Service mode The service mode can be selected at every stage of the burner sequence whilst it is in operating mode. At first, the display will show i for about 1. Example: Gas butterfly valve setting at operating point P0 Remove the burner cover. Remove bridging plug 7. Burner goes into standby, the display shows OFF 3.

Press and simultaneously for about 2 secs. Example: Post-purge time 28 secs. Error messages The combustion manager is equipped with an error messaging system. The function fault that triggered the lockout is displayed as an error code. Example: Gas pressure switch did not change over Display flashes! Factor for the determination of fuel consumption. CInternal unit fault calculation of characteristics values Air pressure switch contact not in off position at burner start Air pressure switch contact has not changed over Gas pressure switch contact has not changed over No flame signal after safety time Extraneous flame signal Flame-signal loss during operation Flame sensor short circuit Switched off by plug 7 Valve V1 leaking during valve proving or gas pressure switch does not trip Valve V2 leaking during valve proving Air stepping motor does not start reference point 0 correctly.

Gas stepping motor does not start reference point 0 correctly. Run time of air damper motor has been exceeded. Run time of gas butterfly valve motor has been exceeded. Burner type not recognised at start. Gas butterfly valve connection plug incorrect; air stepping motor or angle drive General fault on stepping-motor control Return signal of air damper stepping motor faulty.

Return signal of gas butterfly valve stepping motor faulty. Tolerance fault on air damper stepping motor. Tolerance fault on gas butterfly valve stepping motor. Step control of air damper stepping motor faulty. Step control of gas butterfly valve stepping motor faulty. Stepping motor connections mixed up Error during burner recognition or stepping motor plug not connected 5.

For longer breaks in operation: 1. Isolate the burner from the power supply. Close all fuel cut-off devices.

If the burner locks out for a third time call for a service engineer. Fault conditions should be rectified only by qualified and experienced personnel. If other fault codes are shown, check first that the basic requirements for operation are met.

Is there a supply of electricity? Is the gas pressure supplied by the mains correct and is the ball valve open? Are all controls for room and boiler, liquid level interlocks, limit switches etc. If it has been established that the lockout is not due to any of the above, all the burner functions must be checked. For further error codes see Ch. Remedy Check electrical supply and fusing Replace fuse 10 A slow Reset limiter Repair short circuit Check plug connection Replace combustion manager see Ch.

Check plug connection Complete the programming Change position of sensor electrode; remove possibly high resistance in ionisation cableand terminals tighten terminals With unearthed mains control transformer the pole used as MP conductor must be earthed. Display shows 2 for 30 secs, then restarts. Set air pressure switch correctly or replace it Replace hoses Clean fan wheel and air-volute see Ch. If there is insufficient gas for a prolonged time period, contact the gas supplier.

To interrupt the low gas program: Remove and replace the 7-pole connection plug. Burner attempts to restart. Replace gas pressure switch Clean or replace filter insert see Ch. Ignition No ignition audible Lockout Error message: F 25H Gas pressure loss when 2nd solenoid valve opens due to fouled gas filter Valve coil defect Replace valve coil see Ch. Replace ignition unit Replace combustion manager See Ch.

Pay close attention to the following safety notes. Endangering operational safety Maintenance work on the following individual components may only be carried out by the manufacturer or their appointed agent: Air damper stepping motor Gas butterfly valve stepping motor Flame sensor Combustion manager with operating and display panel Gas pressure switch Air pressure switch Risk of explosion due to a gas leak Take care when dismantling and assembling parts in the gas line to ensure they are correctly aligned, clean and in good condition, and that the fixing screws are correctly tightened.

Danger of getting burnt! Some burner parts e. Before all maintenance and service work: 1. Electrically isolate the equipment. Close the ball valve. Remove the 7-pole connection plug from the appliance controller. After all maintenance and service work: 1. Function test with ball valve closed. Complete a test sheet.

Test and clean Fan wheel and air inlet see Ch. Ignition equipment Air pressure switch Gas pressure switch Flame monitoring Soundness test of gas valve trains see CH. Remove operating panel 2. Remove the flame sensor or ionisation plug. Remove the ignition cable from the ignition unit. Loosen screws. Remove mixing head from the housing lightly rotate.

Refitting Danger of explosion! Misalignment of the seal can result in a gas leak during burner operation.

When refitting the mixing head ensure the gas seal is clean and aligned correctly. Replace it if necessary. When commissioning the burner check the seal is sound with a leak detector. To check, remove the mixing head and measure dimension L.

Remove the mixing head see Ch. After setting dimension L, fix the collar with the lock nuts.


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