Universe[ edit ] The story of the book takes place in an alternate universe where the First World War never occurred and Poland is still under Russian rule. Following the Tunguska event , the Ice, a mysterious form of matter, has covered parts of Siberia in Russia and started expanding outwards, reaching Warsaw. The appearance of Ice results in extreme decrease of temperature, putting the whole continent under constant winter, and is accompanied by Lute, angels of Frost, a strange form of being which seems to be a native inhabitant of Ice. Under the influence of the Ice, iron turns into zimnazo cold iron , a material with extraordinary physical properties, which results in the creation of a new branch of industry, zimnazo mining and processing, giving birth to large fortunes and new industrial empires. Moreover, the Ice freezes History and Philosophy , preserving the old political regime, affecting human psychology and changing the laws of logic from many-valued logic of "Summer" to two-valued logic of "Winter" with no intermediate steps between True and False. Dukaj noted [2] that in this book, science in science-fiction stands for the philosophy of history.

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Zajdel Awards Dukaj studied philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. Winner of the Janusz A. The Old Axolotl is the first book of Dukaj published in English in The publication date will be announced once the novel is translated. Popular themes in his works include the technological singularity , nanotechnology and virtual reality , and thus his books often can be classified as hard science fiction. This is a story of one of them. The Earth is divided into several empires, each controlled by a kratistos - a former human with demigod abilities, who has proven to have the most powerful mind and is able to warp reality within his domain.

When the Earth is attacked by aliens, a former nobody, merchant, starts on a path to become somebody much more. First in the planned trilogy, this book chronicles how he is caught in the web of a transgalactic intrigue. In a world where dedicated universes are evolved just to create a more potent weapon, can a normal human become anything more than a toy of a vastly more intelligent beings? It is said that he is somehow connected with lute - Angels of Frost. Wroniec The Crowe Wydawnictwo Literackie - illustrated fairy tale about the Martial Law in Poland , told from the perspective of little boy, kind of darker version of "Alice in Wonderland" set in Polish history, with wild wordplays, rhymes, songs etc.

However some hints hidden in the text allow for more complicated interpretation: a structure of Mobius strip or an infinite spiral. Main themes of "Science Fiction" are: self-reference, symbolism of T.

As a scientific foundation Dukaj uses here proofs from Physical limits of inference by David H. Level A is written in style resembling J. After the Extermination the only way for the transformed to feel again like humans is to use various mechs and robots as their "steel bodies". This way starts the new humanity and a year long nostalgic odyssey of Bart, the last hardware specialist in a world where "only hardware remains". Its style and structure are based on principles of Japanese poetry, especially "kireji" of classic haiku.

The action of Empire of Clouds takes place in Japan of Meiji period, emperor Meiji being one of the characters. But the main protagonist is a young girl Kiyoko from Hokkaido island, an orphan taught Western languages and trained in special logographic shorthand technique.

The novel deals primary with "objective semiotics": how different relationships of signs to reality warp and enrich our perception of reality, and the possibility that the writing system itself could generate some surplus knowledge e. The course of history in Empire of Clouds is changed on meta-literary level, by "merging" it with the world of famous 19th-century Polish novel Lalka Doll by Boleslaw Prus.

For months now, players cannot log out, and are engaged in a war against the Artificial intelligence attempting to take control of this VR universe. When a new, strange player appears, one with powerful abilities but suffering from amnesia , the plot quickly thickens. And where there are ghosts, there will be exorcists. However, can human-trained exorcist deal with magic that evolved elsewhere?

Now there are several parallel civilisations, existing in uneasy truce, each trying to subjugate more parallel Earths and gain an upper hand in this multi-dimensional cold war. When a new Earth is discovered, an expedition is sent to scout it.

And this new Earth seems truly unique: Jesus never died and people do not believe in God - because they know he exists Humans become just a minority of believers and an alien is elected a pope In the mids a US journalist is accompanying Polish partisans as they capture a nuclear warhead and smuggle it towards Moscow The story is the dialogue of persecutor and the defender in a trial of Rudryk Zlatk, a Macedonian dictator guilty of many crimes against humanity apprehended by the United Nations.

There is, however, a slight problem with the accused. He is but one of the twelve clones of Rudryk. This is a story of a person who comes to believe that Jews have superior genetics - and for that suggestion is accused of antisemitism by his friends.

In a society of free luxury based on the creative economy the only scarce, priceless commodity is the meaning of life. The main character is a creative "producing" the meanings of life: creating for people their "lines of resistance". What do you live for, when you can have everything at will, including immortality?

The novel is written in a unique style of "ADHD narration", reflecting the way we perceive reality in the information-saturated world; only the parts taking place in virtual worlds are written in classic, "epic" style.

A child orphan from Latin America is subject to scientific experiments, turning him into part-human, part-alien: a mental bridge, which is the only way to "understand" aliens. When one of them is killed in a mysterious way, the resulting investigation will shake the foundation of human civilization, touching on such issues as first contact and conspiracy theory - of course, in a post- technological singularity setting.

Years later, in a multi-sided Cold War , Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, United States and Japan achieve interstellar flight capability and struggle over the control of a new space colony. A German special forces agent arrives on a planet and is immediately sent with the mission into the wilderness to assassinate a rebellious Untermensch.

AG is a weapon, a politics, a passport and a medium of semi-intelligent evolution. King of Pain is born as a "collateral damage" of AG: unique neuroplasticity allows him to manipulate people, but at the same time causes constant pain in contact with people and material objects.

But he operates through bodies of others, "lives by proxy" - since it is impossible to travel from one genetics to another, people developed the technology of borrowing and tele-controlling bodies of others. Hell is a spaceship and it is on collision course with Earth But much less so is the vision of the aftermath.

The story of the last devil.


Jacek Dukaj




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