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Chitrakoot region falls in the northern Vindhya range spread over the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Chitrakoot district in Uttar Pradesh was created on 4 September Transportation[ edit ] Bamrauli airport at Allahabad is the nearest airport, Two regular flights of Air India serve this place, and once you touch down, you can always take up a taxi to Karwi, Chitrakoot.

It was in these deep forests that Ram , Goddess Sita and his brother Lakshman spent eleven years and six months of their fourteen years of banishment.

Great sages like Atri , Sati Anusuya , Dattatreya , Maharshi Markandeya , Valmiki and many renowned seers, devotees and thinkers meditated here and the principal trinity of the Sanatana dharma, Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva visited this place according to Hindu legends. The first known mention of the place is in the Valmiki Ramayan , which is believed to be the first ever Mahakavya composed by the first ever poet. As Valmiki is said to be contemporaneous with or even earlier than Ram and is believed to have composed the Ramayan before the birth of Lord Ram, the antiquity of its fame can well be gauged.

Valmiki speaks of Chitrakoot as an eminently holy place inhabited by the great sages, abounding in monkeys, bears and various other kinds of fauna and flora. Both the sages Bharadwaj and Valmiki speaks of Chitrakoot in glowing terms and advise Lord Ram to make it his abode during the period of his exile. Lord Ram himself admits this bewitching impact of this place. In the Ramopakhyan and descriptions of teerths at various places in the Mahabharat , Chitrakoot finds a favoured place.

Various Sanskrit and Hindi poets also have paid similar tributes to Chitrakuta. He was so much impressed with its charms that he made Chitrakuta which he calls Ramgiri because of its time-honored associations with lord Ram the place of exile of his yaksha in Meghdoot. Tulsidas , the saint-poet of Hindi has spoken very reverently of Chitrakoot in all his major works- Ramcharit Manas , Kavitawali, Dohawali and Vinaya Patrika.

The last-mentioned work contains many verses which show a deep personal bond between Tulsidas and Chitrakoot. He spent quite some part of his life here worshipping Ram and craving his darshan. It was here that he had what he must have considered the crowning moment of his achievements—i.

His eminent friend, the noted Hindi poet Rahim i. Then Bharat returned to Ayodhya and installed the sandals on the throne, and, living in retirement, carried on the government as their minister. He went, therefore, with Sita and Lakshmana toward Dandaka forest. Males constitute Chitrakoot has an average literacy rate of During the exile period Rama , Lakshmana and Sita took bath here and are believed to have appeared before the poet Tulsidas.

Kamadgiri[ edit ] Shri Kamta Nath 2nd face on Kamadgiri parikrma path Kamadgiri, the original Chitrakuta, is a place of religious significance. A forested hill, it is skirted all along its base by a chain of temples and is venerated today as the holy embodiment of Rama.

Lord Rama is also known as Kamadnathji or Kamtanath which literally means fulfiller of all wishes. Bharat Milap temple is located here, marking the spot where Bharata is said to have met Rama to persuade him to return to the throne of Ayodhya. It is said that the meeting of four brothers was so emotional that even the rocks and mountains of Chitrakut melted.

Foot prints of Lord Rama and his brothers were imprinted on these rocks and are still present today and seen in Bharat Milap Mandir. Bharat milap mandir is situated beside kamadgiri mountain, in the circumambulation path of kamadgiri. Janaki Kund[ edit ] Janaki Kund is situated upstream of the Ramghat where it is believed that Sita bathed in the crystal clear waters of Mandakini river during the years of her exile with Rama.

It was here that Atri muni, his wife Anasuya and their three sons who were the three incarnations of Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesh , lived and are said to have meditated. As per description of Valmiki at one time there was no rain in Chitrakuta for ten years.

There was a severe famine and nothing was left to eat or drink for animals and birds. Sati Anasuya performed hard and intensive austerities and got the river Mandakini down on earth. This led to the greenery and forests to grow which removed the sufferings of all sages and the animals. It is here Sati Anasuya explained to Sita the grandeur and importance of Satitva which means chastity; not the sati practice. The dense forests of Dandaka start from this place. It was ruled by Ravana.

Ravana had appointed strong rakshasas like Khara and Viradha as its rulers. The place was infected by the terror of rakshasas. According to Ramacharit Manas it is said that Lord Rama with Lakshman was sitting on this shila rock when Hanuman returned from Lanka after setting it afire and confirmed the news to Lord Rama that Sita has been imprisoned in Ashoka vatika at Lanka.

Here is a pair of caves, one high and wide with an entrance through which one can barely pass, and the other long and narrow with stream of water running along its base. It is believed that Rama and Lakshmana held court in latter cave, which has two natural throne-like rocks.



Etymology[ edit ] Dandaka-aranya, means the Dandak Forest, the abode of the demon Dandak. It is also known as Dandakaranya, aranya being the Sanskrit word for "forest". It was the location of the Danda Kingdom , a stronghold of the Rakshasa tribes. It was state of the Lanka Kingdom under the reign of Ravana. As a sacred land in Hinduism[ edit ] Dandakaranya is considered sacred in Hinduism , as many accounts of the region describe ancient Hindu peoples and Hindu deities living together in refuge there. The Dandakaranya zone was the location of the turning point in the Ramayana , a famous Sanskrit epic.


Ghat Ramayan

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